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  1. Who is the pretty little model of this photo? Please i can't found her S_S she looks like Emily Didonato but she isn't. Thanks for everything
  2. Please i can't guess the name of the model! Anyone can help me?
  3. Emma Watson beauty of face: 3 beauty of body: 6 beauty of hair: 2 general impression: 5 Megan Fox beauty of face: 6 beauty of body: 8 beauty of hair: 8 general impression: 5 Zuzana Gregorova beauty of face: 6 beauty of body: 7 beauty of hair: 8 general impression: 5
  4. Hi, i'm looking for the name of this models... anyone can help me? *_* Thanksssssssss!! 1. 2. 3. 4.
  5. Please don't forget this :'( who's she pleaaaaase *_* ??
  6. Anybody knows red hair girl?
  7. Thank you so muuuuuuch!! *O* is perfect! and the other girl anybody say?
  8. Thanks for everything but the magazine is from Spain. I guess that she appear in one commercial for "El Corte Ingl├ęs"
  9. Ami Diggory

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    I think that she is Melissa Satta
  10. Anybody know the answer?
  11. The girl on the left could be Behati Prinsloo?
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