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  1. more..Michelle contemplative moments
  2. df classic. I think we will see more Michelle soon
  3. This is a world swimsuit/swimwear travel shoot. Not SI 2013. World Swimsuit Trailerfrom Paul Daniel Plus 4 months agonot yet rated This is the trailer for a Swimwear/Travel show that I shot with my friend Jason Hearn in Zanzibar
  4. ahhh Michelle...Bebe billboards in new york...and loyal to Letarte 2013
  5. Thank you Begonia I voted for Michelle. Her eyes are so very beautiful. My model friends said Revlon is using her eyes in new makeup because they are perfect
  6. Michelle Candice Julie Doutzen Sara Kristin Phoebe Bianca Madalina Adriana
  7. most beautiful "Bebe" on the planet Michelle Vawer on the Beverly Center billboard:
  8. Don't think so! these are not the pics nor life snapshots of a stoner http://www.jellibug.com/#michelle-vawer She seems to have both gypsy energy plus innocence. Looks like she loves her puppy and her man...maybe in that order? More geeky beautiful than stoner gorgeous IMHO
  9. new Michelle Vawer Gypsy holiday 2012
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