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  1. New to me, thanks!! Any idea where these are from? They look more like Lingerie than Swim Wear?
  2. Beautiful!! Thank you sweet-lady!
  3. nothingless


    YAAYYYYYYYYY!!! Finally all of us in the UK will get VS too!!
  4. nothingless


    Yup, La Senza is the main lingerie store in the UK and Ireland (where I am) too - we don't have VS either. For that reason, this news makes me happy too....but I couldn't find any news on whether they're keeping the La Senza brand, or if they actually are changing the stores to VS stores. Just because they bought out La Senza, doesn't mean the stores will all automatically be turned into VS now. But - I sure am hoping so!
  5. Amazing, thanks Aida and everyone else for the awesome HQs!
  6. *is emerging from lurker mode* I have saved SOOOOO many photos from this forum - you guys are absolutely amazing and I love every single new post! I have no access to HQ photos, so I can't give anything back...but I do know how to make screencaps. So this is a little thank-you from me to all of you! I made 53 caps of Adriana on Access Hollywood from yesterday. All are 620x471 pixels. I know the quality is not the best - but that's because of the quality of the movie. Download the full zip file: http://rapidshare.com/files/3604912/fof_ad...lima-access.zip PS: don't worry about them being hotlinked - they're all hosted on my own server which has more bandwidth than I could ever use. 8)
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