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  1. I think there was some problem with it for a while! Do you experience problems with accessing Bellazon?
  2. You guys! I think modelcompostes is now closed!
  3. I do think it is Cecilia de Bocourt.
  4. #1 Cynthia Hampton #19 Anne Barrandon
  5. Oh, yay! It now makes sense! She did a lot of work for late 70s/early 80s Vogue IT and I couldn't find her name for so long! Thanks, my friend!
  6. VOGUE IT, Dec 1984 Photographer: Sante D'Orazio Vogue IT archive
  7. This one is from 1984. I can ID Antonia Dell'Atte, Simonetta Gianfelici and Kate Hatch (far right). The one in black, standing up is the name I need.
  8. Sergio Rossi 1984 Photographer: Sofia Riva Vogue IT archive
  9. Mondrian 1984 Photographer: Aldo Fallai Vogue IT archive
  10. You got them all! I think the one next to Jane is 60s model Donna Mitchell.
  11. "american dream" VOGUE IT, Sept 1984 Photographer: Michel Comte Vogue IT archive
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