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  1. NEVERMIND. I LOVE her :wub:

    Harper's Bazaar March 2007

    "Key Pieces in Black & White"

    Photographer Karl Lagerfeld

    Features: Jessica Stam, Gemma Ward, Freja Beha Erichsen, Irina Lazareanu

    th_08053_hb_122_48lo.JPG post-5961-0-1446067176-5335_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446067176-9872_thumb.jpgpost-5961-0-1446067177-45141_thumb.jpg

    credit to: seanutbutter at tfs. OMG i want this magazine so badly :drool:

  2. After losing the first daughter the family should have noticed that the second one wasn't ok either. I mean, they already knew what could happen.

    That's what I think, too. But maybe they were making her get skinnier to model? I mean, they might have been a poor family or something and the only income was their daughters modeling work, so... :idk: I hope that isn't the case. It's like what Ana Carolina Reston's mother said... "No amount of money is worth the life of your child"

  3. I used to have hair exactly like Doutzen's in that picture above but my mum made me cut it... :cry: Now it looks like Patricia Schmids, except not as good as it does on her.

  4. I think Beyonce is a good role-model for younger girls, as she represents a healthier and more achievable kind of body, but... As mentioned above, I think that they're just doing this for publicity and obviously it's working. Some people are boycotting the magazine because you can download the images of you models you like anyways, but Beyonce got so many votes on that crazy askmen.com poll. Just think about how many people will be buying it for the girl who was voted the sexiest woman of the year? But... Sure, Beyonce may be on the cover but her pictures are in no way comparable to any of the other girls. She just looks too average in comparison, in my opinion, and I think once you look at the other girls you kind of forget about who's on the cover anyways.

    Just as long as VS avoids using singers and actresses on their covers/shows/ads, then I think I'll be okay. :p

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