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  1. >>Strawberry BigMac -"its the highest thing any human cna achieve because your are paid millions and millions and you are known by almost everyone just for sitting around looking beautiful(with lots of hard work)...now if that isent the ultimate success i donno what is. "

    I would so much more enjoy being a good parent (or if a job perhaps an advocate for the poor and weak), than to sit around and look beautiful and get paid millions of dollars, that I can't even compare the two.

    I know you didn't ask for my advice Strawberry BigMac, but if you were a friend, I would advise you to raise your ambitions a little higher.

    yah speak for yourself. ...i dont know any higher ambition. U have to be one in a billion ot be a supermodel...anyone can settle and be a good parents. Whats the fun in that.

    :| Omg... that is really, really shallow. I'd rather have a good family and be surrounded by people who love and care for me than be a supermodel and just have wealth and fame. You think perfection comes with that career? :\ If so, you need a reality check.

  2. I really don't get the fuss about her :mellow:

    Nobody seemed to care about that girl and all of a sudden every has her in their top10's... so i thought "maybe she deserves more attention" but when i see that:


    i really can't find anything appealing :ninja:

    That's definitely not one of her best pictures, but the same could be said about any model, really. Each person has different tastes, so I can understand why you don't like her, but... Maybe it's a bit inappropriate to come here and bash her? I mean, I'd be pretty pissed if someone did that to Carolt, and I you'd probably be annoyed if someone said crap about Eugenia. :idk:

    No matter peoples tastes, though, I think it's really rude for her to be made fun of. :| Maybe keep it to yourself...

    Personally, I think Daniela has the most stunning eyes and her skin is gorgeous. :)

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