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  1. I think they need to work on everything... Not just the models, but like, music, costumes, hair, backgrounds, etc.

    I thought the music didn't fit at all this year. I love JT but, looking at it from a guys point of view, I can't imagine ever imagining a girl getting naked to Justin Timberlake... his voice is kind of.. not VS-y. Maybe something like Closer by NIN, I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears, Naughty Girl by Beyonce, Hot in Here by Nelly, Shake that by Eminem, I Wanna Fuck/Love you by Akon, You Can Leave Your Hat On by Tom Jones? Something HOT. VS is supposed to be all about sexy and stuff, but I'm not feeling it with Kelis or David Guetta/whatever his name his.

    Also..the outfits this year? They were too over-the-top in my opinion. Why not try superhero outfits, cop outfits, nurses?! hahaaha I don't know! something SEXY that people fantasize about. Rosie Huntington-Whitely was carrying around a damn BLANKET. I don't know who's making these outfits, but they gotta be weird to find a blanket sexy.

    I liked it in 2002 or 03 or whenever when all the girls had their natural hair, no extensions, and it was straight. They look so like.. cheap with their hair all done-up and poofy. VS is like, classy sexy but with their trying-too-hard-to-be-sex-hair it seems a bit more pornstar-ish to me.

    And, of course, their models are getting worrrseeeee. I love Jessica but she is not a VS girl! Neither is Heather, Hana, Rosie (maybe if she toned up a bit -- she has the perfect VS face), Natasha, any other super high-fashion girl who was at VS. And the girls WITH the VS bodies like Katja, Caroline Trentini ( :( hate to say it..), Jeisa, Doutzen, etc, just didn't bring enough energy to the show. Of course they all looked stunning but.. They walked, posed, and walked back. It was BORING. They should have coaches or whatever telling these girls how to properly do it. Maybe some spins, hair flips.. I don't know. Something to give them 'oomph'.

    I think it's a bad idea to using highfashion models for VS because, first and foremost, they basically all look the same. I love me some HF girls, but fashion follows trends and the models change each season. They should start using classic beauties instead of these babydolls because I don't think it's what the average person considers super sexy. Actually, I think it's kind of creepy to see girls like Heather Marks modeling for VS because she's just too damn cute! It's like pedophiles who get off on this stuff... it's weird. If they DO choose to use HF girls they should try to use like.. classically beautiful girls. Hilary Rhoda, Valentina Zelyaeva, Anja Rubik? Someone who looks a bit more like an American beauty because VS is trying to appeal to American buyers! The standards of beauty are different everywhere, but there aren't VS stores all over the world, so why try to appeal to everyone? I dunno.

    I think the '07 show should include Heidi and Tyra. I know that they're retired or whatever but it would definitely boost their ratings to have surprise visits of old angels. Who cares if they don't look as good? It gives people to talk about. Everyone loves to feel superior to celebs by pointing out their flaws.

    Also, where was the cultural variety? There were like, two black girls and the rest were either like, Brazilian or Russian. I think it would be more appealing if they didn't stick to the same ideal.

  2. I don't think Selita would be stupid enough to get pregnant right now. :) Marriage is one thing because you can change your mind about it, but pregnancy is a whole different subject. She's got a good career ahead of her and a good head on her shoulders. I doubt she'd throw it all away so quickly..

  3. She'll climb into mine soon enough too... and I'm glad to see Alana in your top10 :wub:

    Me too :woot:

    Magazine: Vogue US

    Issue: March 2007

    Title: Perfect Ten

    Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

    post-5961-0-1446015692-543_thumb.jpg th_86707_agyness_perfect_ten_1_122_257lo.jpg post-5961-0-1446015692-55671_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446015692-58722_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446015692-61262_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446015692-64149_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446015692-66712_thumb.jpg th_86735_agyness_perfect_ten_7_122_180lo.jpg th_86740_agyness_perfect_ten_8_122_131lo.jpg post-5961-0-1446015692-68208_thumb.jpg

    my scans

    Looks like Anna Wintour has a new favourite... :shifty:

  4. I like her. :) Sometimes a bit boring, but generally she's a good model. Plus, she's my age and has the same birthday as my best friend... hehe.

    Johanna in T Style Magazine

    Model: Johanna Stickland

    Photographer: Willy Vanderperre

    Magazine: T Style Magazine

    Credit: Owen Bruce @ the Fashion Spot

    jsiw7.th.jpg js2xu9.th.jpg js3yj4.th.jpg js4hm3.th.jpg js5dp2.th.jpg js6vu7.th.jpg

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