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  1. mmm According to the creater of the topic, this topic is not made for me. I don't have healthy apitite anymore, It's been almost 2 years since I ate with healthy apitite, now I eat because I need it, but foods makes me throw up. Vitamins? *pukes all over the place*
  2. 1.- Changeeeee cuz everybody's gonna hate you for that!! 2.- Even when you're too kind 3.- I get the same but to with Vogue,... 5 years working and I still don't have a car <_< I've been hating another thing about me for the last 7 months... orthodontics
  3. After giving you 5 stars you have 4 now ^_^

    Happy Birthday :D

  4. Daniela

    Stupid Trends

    They're annoying... I bet you own one of those! How much? Admit it... we dislike you anyway.
  5. Daniela

    Stupid Trends

    They're annoying... I bet you own one of those!
  6. Daniela

    Stupid Trends

    And don't forget the "I'm your daddy" loook in his eyes <_<
  7. Daniela

    Stupid Trends

    I saw a lady yesterday dressed in high fashion clothes, jewelry and a lot else... and this shoes... if you can call them shoes!
  8. Daniela

    Weight Loss

    I feel thiner today... I guess it's because I wore baggy clothes <_<
  9. You're friend will end up loving and getting married to a really unattractive guy, she may write it and it will happen. Never say never.
  10. Daniela

    Weight Loss

    Why are you calling me a smart ass? I didn't suggest or think that you were offended. I didn't come up with anything like somebody was hut or you were pointing at me. What I did do, or what I tried to do was to highlight why I, in your eyes, misunderstood your initial post that TooBoku and I responded to. Why are you telling me to chill out? In that previous post, I wasn't being defensive or disagreeable. There were no exclamation marks, bold or capital letters, or emotions or text emotions of negativity. I am not charged up or mad. I am perfectly chilled, calm and composed when I wrote that. I was just explaining to you how your post reads and using this to point out why you think I might have misunderstood it. No need to go around calling me a smart ass when I was just trying to point something out to you. The details and explanation of how wrong I was it's Brilliant, that's why Smart Ass came across.
  11. Daniela

    Weight Loss

    If I misunderstood, it was entirely your fault. First off, you started by saying: Two contradicting statements right there. You continue... Here, you indicate, or you did a fantastic (no sarcasm) job of indicating that the issue for you was that you wanted to lose weight by reducing your waistline but you were also losing your ass and breasts. Before you mention this, you highlight the very reason you're going the wrong way about reducing your waistline. It reads entirely like you were not eating to lose weight. I know you mentioned you were not hungry, but its not healthy to have nothing all day except a measly portion of lunch and apple juice, simply because you're not hungry. Great, Smart Ass. I never said I was offender or something.... I don't understand why you come up with this whole statement like somebody was hurt or I was pointing at you! Chill out... <_<
  12. Daniela

    Weight Loss

    Nevermind I'm on vacations right now, but my schedule tends to be ful all them time! I wake up at 5.00 to be at work at 8.00 until 17.00 I run to College and I'm there at 18.00 until 22.00 to get home at 22.30. I'm gonna go to the doctor, but honestly, I never take the treatment, I hate taking pills but well... I will have to!
  13. Daniela

    Weight Loss

    This is the most stupid and unhealthy way to go about losing weight. You need to combine healthy eating (which also means eating healthy portions, not measily, insufficiant portions) and excercise. Drinking apple juice all day? Can't be too good for the teeth, haha. Try water. If you want to lose the belly then work on that particular part of the body through tailored excercises. Don't be too optimistic about time scale. Most people assume they'll see results in weeks - you won't. If it has something to do with your frame/build, then you'll always be like that, so attempting unhealthy methods to lose this is futile. To add to that, apple juice isn't the kind of calorie intake you want either. It's great as an ad hoc to your diet, especially in the morning or when you're low in energy but it's almost completely sugar. In a 250mL serving of apple juice, you could expect about 114 calories. 98 of those would be sugar and the rest just other carbs that are still pretty high on the GI scale anyway. Instead snack on real apples. They're bulky and tend to fill you up with half the calories. The added bonus is fibre. Also... eating habits like that can influence the formation of stomach ulcers. You're better off eating MORE meals throughout the day and making them smaller. When you sleep, your metabolism basically shuts down and it starts back up again when you eat breakfast. The secret to having a high metabolism is to not let it shut down again which usually happens when you gor for more than 3 hours without eating. Try something like this (play with the times a little but in general you want 5-7 smaller meals a day): 7:00AM - whole wheat bagel and orange juice (whole wheat bagel = protein & slow acting carbs for sustained energy through the day, OJ = quick shot of energy & vitamins) 9:30AM - trail mix bar (ALWAYS a good snack) 12:00PM - tuna on salad (tuna = protein & omega 3, salad is ALWAYS good) 2:30PM - baby carrots (vitamins & low in calories) 5:00PM - banana (another quick hit of energy before the drive home... and potassium!) 7:30PM - baked salmon and asparagus (salmon is a different mix of protein than tuna, you'll even get a little bit of creatine. asparagus is ALWAYS good too) That might seem like a lot but if you keep the portions small you'll be set. You body will also become a calorie incinerator because you're metabolism is going all day without stopping. Some excersises like pushups and squats will make up for the lost boob/butt fat with some muscular support. Having muscluar definition does NOT make a woman look masculine. Throw a nice brisk morning jog to that and you're set. You guys misunderstood! I wrote that I never felt hungry, not that I wasnt eating to loose weight. Thanks for the tips anyway!
  14. Daniela

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