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  1. Here you are :wave:
    I have every photo from those candids in better quality except for that one :/
    Thank you Barron! The shot species has is backstage pre show, is it under the vsfs thread 08? :huh:

    Am I missing something here? That link I'd already posted takes you to the post where all the "backstage pre show" shots of Candice are, from the '08 VSFS. That one shot in particular (as well as the rest) is better quality than TKC's and the same as Melocotón's... :ermm:

    I see all her hq's but not that one particular photo with her hand in it. But nonetheless baron the link is very much appreciated :)

  2. Hi bz! I am an international studies student and am happy to join to this forum to see everyone's different ideas on beauty, fashion and the latter. I found this site by accident when adriana Lima had Val and I didn't know she was pregnant. I found out so much info and more. Glad I finally joined.

    P.s. I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. :kiss: besos

  3. Bloody Russell James... :angry: This week shooting VS in Miami:

    (Barbara Palvin and Erin Heatherton come to shoot)

    Yay, Barbara's great - here's a picture! :D

    Yay, Erin's great - here's a picture! :D

    (Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo come to shoot)

    Yay, Candice's great - here's a picture! :D


    (Doutzen Kroes comes to shoot)

    Yay, Doutzen's great - here's a picture! :D

    But.... Baron.... Behati is....

    A brunette. :o unless she's over bronzed ( poor gorgeous Barbara got into th vs bronzing match and lost)

    Or blonde why would Russell put a picture of kind of brunette ( who they attempted to infiltrate the hair follies of with blonde) behati.

    Forget britney... Leave behave alone vs!!!!!!!!!!! :cry2: leave her alone!!!!! :chicken:

    Just had to get that off of my chest.

  4. OMG. Does anyone have this pretty gem in better quality, please? :-)


    That was Candice from the vsfs 08 show right? One of my favorite looks for her. Her hair and makeup were :wub:
    ^Yes it was - and I agree! The original post was here: http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?s=&...t&p=1499525 Don't recall them being reposted in HQ, but maybe somewhere else..? :idk:

    Thank you Barron! The shot species has is backstage pre show, is it under the vsfs thread 08? :huh:

    Haha "serious candice" is much sexier than " always make sexy faces" candice

  5. Very Sexy Tour

    Adriana Lima talks about Very Sexy collection:


    :laugh: Adriana is so cute. Every collection is her "favorite" collection. It's hilarious, but at least she does her job and makes it believable. Unlike a few other VS models :p She always sounds really genuine when discussing the products.

    I agree cherry, I've always admired she tries to answer truthfully and doesn't give us the run of the mill"I'm naturally skinny, lingerie is sexy, I like to have fun " boring answers. Although she seemed a little uncomfortable in this vid. :unsure:

  6. Adri and doutzen were made for this shoot. I just don't see the appeal if they had done Candice,Alessandra,Miranda(too cute) etc etc. They both look kinkishly sexy but glamourous also.

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