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  1. Ja sam iz Srbije,odakle si ti?

    1. Nefertiti


      Pozdrav, ja sam iz BiH.

    2. Nefertiti


      Pozdrav, ja sam iz BiH.

    3. TheBombshell
  2. Hey,I love your avatar! can u tell me from which commercial is that? :)

  3. Hi there,I'm asking are you also making gifs for others? I wanted a gif from one video for my twitter profile can you make it for me? (is it for free or I need to pay u?) xo

  4. Thanks ;)

    When I decide to change I will ask you :)

  5. No Problem ;) Greetings xoxo

  6. Wow you are really talented!!

    Luv ur sets

  7. So amazing Signature of Adriana!!!

  8. Me too ;) Since we have thing together :D -Adriana Lima

  9. Welcome 5 Stars to you!

  10. Me too <3 I think DK is wonderful human :D

  11. Can you tell me how do you find those VS pics?

  12. Hello!You Love Doutzen? :D

  13. +5 Stars to you cause I love your ''content'' and cause ur good person&fan xoxo

  14. Luv ur Avi!!! Love her :D p.s +5 stars to u!

  15. I love Adri too!! <3 <3 She is my life

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