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  1. Yesterday I saw the movie "In darkness". Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by Emily's game.....eemmmmm she was very professional, can I say this?, but maybe it's all due to dubbing, since I didn't watch the film in its original language.
    In any case I expected much less from her. She showed some real potential :PinkCouture2:


  2. 15 hours ago, hewhois2 said:

    I can talk all day on the topic - she may be the most perfect expression of the female form God saw fit to put on this earth.


    On a more down-to-earth note, she undoubtedly has the most perfect tits I've ever seen!



  3. 3 hours ago, HighMaintenance said:

    Why does general discussion in Adriana Lima sub forum have pictures of her boyfriend and his family? Where is Adriana in these pics? If you would like to discuss her boyfriend you can open a thread for him in male section? His social media following has nothing to do with Adriana. Besides that it gives you guys another reason to post long ass posts to bash this guy with made up theories. 


    I am not interested in the things about her boyfriend and his social media activities. If I want to see what he’s up to I go to his profile on Instagram. I am here to see if there is news about Adriana because that’s what this thread is for. Keep this thread about Adriana not her boyfriend!


    seriously guys, I'm personally fed up with reading your theories about this man's personality and all kind of accusations against him...do you all have your life? like seriously? let him be an alfonso, a sadist or no matter who..Adriana loves this man and she is happy with everything, no matter for what even purposes she keeps him close.

    who the hell are you to judge a person, especially just by pictures from ig, and decide for adriana who to be, to live, to fuck with? discussing here for months and years (!!!!) the same thing!!????
    Holy mother, how miserable your life is ...

  4. 5 hours ago, LameImpala said:

    You all forget Emily has to keep showing the goods and posting pictures like this in order to advertise herself for the possible suitors who might like to purchase her 'company' when she goes to these different locations and events.

    quite so :PinkCouture2:

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