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  1. hello &) yes, Alisa :)

    sure...i miss my friend!!!

  2. omg...im so sorry!!!

  3. Oh....im fine) how are you my dear?

  4. thanks for great pics! loveeee it! xoxoxo

  5. ahhha! best avatar!!!!

  6. hello! im fine! how are u?

  7. ahhaha! Joe! best avatar!

  8. oh...thanks dear!

  9. teacher very lovely))))

  10. This animated cartoon in your signature... Whence it?

  11. I was in Rome and Venice...Went there to have a rest... I want to remain there! Magic country!!!

  12. its Chiara Baschetti

  13. I love your posts!!! thanks my angel!

  14. Thank you my angel!!!!! kissssssssssssss.....

  15. Thank you my love)

  16. I will go there to the birthday! I will necessarily bring a photos and I will show!!!! kissss....

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