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  1. Hey there :wave:

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    2. katchitup


      Mehhh paleness :p Some people pull it off though ;) And so you live right next to a beach then I'm assuming? Cool, that would still make for a fun spring break in my book :cool: Its pretty warm where you are, isn't it? and yeah 20 hours in a car....not so cool. :/

    3. jessicanicole


      I live about 40 minutes from the beach, so it's not too bad. It's been warm! Is it warm where you are?

    4. katchitup


      sorry, just saw this now! :p kinda late... :/ its actually been chilly where I'm at. The warmest we've been this year so far is like in the mid 60's and that only lasted 2 days :/ You Californians and your perfect weather lol

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