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  1. The first is a young model/actress, Brunette, Long hair, Curly, Ice-y Blue eyes, Young The second I only have a picture of but I do think she is a model, Tannish skin, Brunette hair, Blue eyes The third is a model I found a long time ago but have since lost the info on, Platinum Blonde (May be a wig), Photoshoot with jewels on skin, Greyish eyes, Older Help Please? <3 Thank you to all those who help.
  2. I've been trying to ID this model for awhile now and simply cannot find anything. MyFDB is the website I found her on. Its the, No Body Is Perfect, Editorial from Vogue Italia Beauty Magazine, Winter 2010 She has blue grey eyes, plump lips, a rounded nose tip, and curly blonde/brown hair. Thats just one of the four pictures that are up on MyFDB. The photographer is Corrine Day, The hair stylist is Neil Moodie, and The Makeup Artist is Kay Montano. This is the extra stuff I found, Fashion Editor, Karl Plewka, Hair Products, Bumble and bumble, Makeup Products, Chanel Beauty, and Licensing Agency, Trunk Archives. I hope thats enough info to find her! Please and Thank you!!!!
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