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  1. I am browsing on my phone, and tiny screens and bad eyes don't mix, so forgive me if I am totally wrong but could it perhaps be Barbara de Rossi?
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    georgous model

    Modelknowledge is correct. That photo was taken during MBFW Swim 2010 in Miami. Many more pictures of the event can be found at Fashion Wire Press and similar sites, though I had no luck finding a model credit anywhere. Attached are some more pictures, just for fun. The third picture was taken by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, but for all of the information they provide, the model's name is not included. Apparelnews featured photos of the show taken by Volker Corell, but likewise, did not include her name in print. fashionwirepress.com/collection/433/Ed_Hardy_Swimwear_Cruise_2010_Miami apparelnews.net/fashion/slideshows/single?fashion_slideshow_id=1493 Thanks modelknowledge, and good luck decem.
  3. I need help identifying this model. I am new to following fashion/models, so I apologize if I am wasting anyone's time. I tried everything I could think of before coming here and I had no luck until I found this forum during my search. I registered and searched the forum, but could not find this particular model so I can only hope someone recognizes her, or the designer, or some other clue. Thanks in advance, and I mean it since it would seem this long shot is all I have. Attached is the banner ad that I deduced was from a flash sale early this year, looks like it is from a ready-to-wear spring collection, marketed sometime in January or February, but I could very well be wrong. I have since found two more pictures and urls for them. s0.2mdn.net/viewad/2704923/CY+RTW+242+160x600.jpg s0.2mdn.net/viewad/2704923/CY+RTW+243+160x600.jpg s0.2mdn.net/viewad/2704923/CY+RTW+244+160x600.jpg Thanks again.
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