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  1. Maxie


    y'know, I used to think the same way. "All this obsession over Ale, I don't get it" was one of my thoughts. Note the word "was" Ale's recent runway pics were great: she looked adorable and incredibly sexy, without the "boobs pushed up to balloon-size" effect (that Adriana, (among others) had.) And I've been nosing around and found some old editorials and vs stuff that she really looked great in. This all has resulted in that I really appreciate her now. She's absolutely one of the prettiest VS models. And for you that don't like her (this is directed to the female part of the board) you can't tell me, without being a big liar, that you wouldn't want to look that damn breathtaking in a santa claus hoody and little underwear as Ale.
  2. Not only Britney, every average girl here can look even better with all this. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True, true: she was an avarage girl when it all started
  3. Best Eyes: Adriana Lima Best Lips: Jessica Alba, Ana BB, Adriana L Best Nose: Natalie Portman Best Smile: Jessica Alba Best Cheekbones: Ana BB Best Skin: Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima Best Overall Facial Features: phew, can't choose! Best Hair: Aishwarya Rai Best Stomach/Abs: Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Keira Knightley Best Legs: Ana BB, Adriana L, Natalie Portman Best Boobies: not interested in such things, but alright: Adriana Best Ass: fake or not fake, I'd switch asses with Keyra Augustina anytime Or Jessica Albas. Atleast then I won't have to worry about the implants. Best Overall Body: Jessica Alba Best Everything: No such thing. Noone's perfect. (atleast that's what I keep telling myself )
  4. Maxie

    Lindsay Lohan

    It looked fake, that's why it looked so bad. Even when she had her roots done.
  5. jewels, ur the best thing since chocolate cake! Never seen any of those pics before. Thank you!
  6. that's funny, just yesterday when I was buying myself a new ring, the owner of the shop said I had beautiful hands. I was all like "who pays attention to that?" but I guess he's not alone.
  7. Maxie

    Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay is nothing compared to Jolie. And I agree, her natural haircolor suits her best. But be honest, this is a lot better than that horrible blonde color she had before.
  8. I think the outfit looks equally good or bad on both of them, but because I think Erin is prettier than Kirsten, I'm gonna choose her.
  9. Harsh. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Frankie has a face frankenstein would envy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Frankenstein doesn't want to be ugly. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I guess then frankenstein can happily announce he finally found someone who's face is even more hideous than his. And Alessandra: that
  10. Pardon? Ana fat? If Ana looks fat, then most of us look like buffaloes and obese people look .....I don't even wanna go there
  11. Harsh. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Truth hurts I guess. Frankie has a face frankenstein would envy. And the second pic just makes her look like a slut. THIS
  12. I really like the pictures, I dislike the abuse of photoshop. Ana is perfect the way she is. No need to make her skin looking like it's plastic.
  13. Maxie

    Lindsay Lohan

    my god, she looks so different! And I actually have to admit that this color doesn't look all that bad on her. A lot better than that blonde look she had before. She does remind me of a vampire though
  14. no idea where this is from, so I guess this is the right place to post it:
  15. Well put. That was exacly what I was thinking when I saw her.
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