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  1. Happy new year to you also my friend <3

  2. Thanks <3 Happy new new nyar to you ღ

  3. miss

    Thank you for the congratulatory about my birthday ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Hi kukim is it you? I have not been here for almost a year:)

    if it's you - so hello to you again <3 love Miss

  5. Happy Christmas my freind :o) hope you are fine. Thanks for all stunning and beautiful pictures and covers!!!! kiss from miss :)

  6. Thanks Nimzo

    I have posted the information under the pictures I posted of Laetitia :-)

  7. miss

    Thanks for posting Kristy Hinze pics, and thanks for letting me know. This are fantastic. Love Miss

  8. thanks for added me to youre friends list. I hope you are fine. love Miss :o)

  9. miss

    Thanks Lyon, its Lady Fatale that make me this

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes, so sweet of you to remember.

    hope youre fine my friend. kiss

  11. miss

    so sweet of you, thank you so much

  12. Francy my friend, thanks for remember my birthday, so sweet of you. Kisses from Miss

  13. Hi Nita

    welcome to Bellazon, have fun her. I am also a big Renee fan. welcome

  14. Hi Francy, thanks for stopping by to say hi, nice of you

    I am not her so much, try to repost some of the missing pics that was lost and try to keep up whit the new pics that are posting – and that is a lot . . . . he he..

    Always a pleasure to see what you have posted, always nice pics, thanks

    Hope you are fine my friend :o)

  15. Mickiala you are an angel, thanks for helping me out.. kiss kiss

  16. You are welcome my friend.

    I am fine, thanks for asking.

    I am her, but not that often, just

    too see new post and out :o)

  17. Hi london :o)

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi, nice of you (kiss kiss)

    I am not so much her at the moment, just a quick look and some posting

    Hope you are fine my friend and thank you soooooo much for posting

    all this great stuff

  18. Nice to have meet such a sweet girl like you, and I will remember you – that’s for sure my friend

    Thanks for posting and thanks for your kindness.

    Miss Norway

  19. miss

    Hi Loki

    welcome to Bellazon and you are welcome, glad to help you out... Have fun her

  20. hi my friend, you are welcome... kisses

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