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  1. Will pay $10 US for this info
  2. Computer crash, lost everything. Trying to remember the name of a model who had some pictures taken that were something like this: * bare back (naked, but nothing revealed) * facing to the right-hand side of the picture * kneeling down, perhaps next to a footstool? * I think there were other, similar pics taken of her at a piano Help?
  3. Reading through this thread but wondering... Has she ever done a shoot where she is bare-backed, kneeling, facing to the right... next to a footstool? Maybe a piano bench?
  4. Thanks again, but no. The one I'm looking for, she is kind of crouching down on a bed or something. Her top is the piece that goes down to her belly button. Very small panties.
  5. Lost my entire collection due to computer problems. Also looking for a picture of a younger Ale in 2 piece white lingerie, facing slightly left; the top piece covered her down to her belly button.
  6. Thanks, Carrie. But she had jean shorts on in the picture I'm thinking of.
  7. Looking for a pic of younger Ale w/ short jean shorts, looking away from the camera, arched back, facing to the right, bare back. Any ideas?
  8. No, but thanks for posting it. She is still facing away from the camera in the photo I am looking for.
  9. Help please. I lost a photo of Ale and can't find it anywhere on the web. It is kind of similar to this one (attached below), but she is facing the other way (towards the left) and had some sort of tight-fitting t-shirt that came half-way down... not giving you a whole lot, I know. Sorry. I think it may have been VS Pink or some sleepwear of some sort.
  10. Is this the right forum in which to request pictures?
  11. Looking for an older pic of Alessandra in white lingerie. On her knees on a bed, two-piece lingerie, top part is sort of a halter/tube top.
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