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  1. The nineteen year old Cuban born Marianela Rodriguez has no boundaries. Two thousand and eleven was the second year where she was part of national and international campaigns among more goods she's done for Univision network. During her senior year in high school - two thousand and ten Marianela was chosen to participate on commercials for Univision's hit show Premios Juventud which were a total success. When the opportunity emerged to be part of the commercials for Premio Lo Nuestro one of Univisions best shows of all times Marianela had the pleasure of working with Mexican born, comedian, actress, model Angelica Vale daughter of Angelica Maria. The commercials were outstanding in quality and rating. Marianela became Angelicas personal assistant and worked on not ONE but TWO of the commercials for the show. "I'm thrilled by the response I've received by friends and family and even people whom stop me to ask about how I made it there....it took a lot of dedication and I'm so excited that I got to work with Angelica, she is so down to earth.... You would never know she is so famous if you spoke with her one to one. I'm so proud of myself and thankful for the person whom believed in me." said, Marianela. The commercial was recorded at a mansion where one of the best soap operas was being recorded, Eva Luna. Marianela is an inspiration and among her extensive artistic background this is just a step forward and another closer to her dream. Congratulations! Click here to see the commercials and more View and become her follower with a LIKE
  2. Beautiful teenager, fashion model and amazing port. Coarse black long haired snow white beauty. Marianela with a tremendous background in fashion. Dresses by high couture designers modeled by Marianela before being in High School. Amazing John Casablanca's graduate. Beautiful cuban dolled faced girl. Witness for yourself the beauty beyond her eyes. www.wix.com/nela1691/marianelarodriguez www.facebook.com/marianela.artista <----- SUPPORT WITH A LIKE ! Click here for her facebook page. Support with a like Marianela Rodriguez Current Official webpage
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