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  1. happy easter babe !

  2. happy new year !!!

  3. Merry Christmas fashion babe !

  4. Chic is gonna kill you - do you understand polish?

  5. My God ! *o* Remove that David Skrela in your personal photo before Chic will come here and see this. I don't wan't to take part in this war. 0_o

  6. I'm great. And you ?

  7. Thanks PINK ! I wish you the same :)

  8. MY GOD ! Nobody left you a comment. Let me be the first one.

    And I'm just here to look what you are doing.

  9. Aga

    where have you gone?

  10. No mnie to mało cholera nie wzięła. Straciłam około 1000 post

  11. Hej! Musiałas od nowa sie zarejestrować?

  12. Aga

    Hey LuNo !!! How are you?

  13. Aga

    Hello ! How are you ? :)

  14. Thanks for great quality scans.

  15. Aga

    thanks for: happy Valentines, but in Poland we have now next day (15.02.07) :(

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