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  1. Sad this reporter caught Leo in a serious mood...but it happens and Im sure it was a matter of opportunity as she couldnt talk that much either. :-)

    Well Pami I think that clearly that was just one simple opinion of thousands others we have read saying the contrary about Leo. So at least for me I don't think it's a big deal.

    Other thing, I notice how now Leo is dodging questions about childrens and wife and with all reason. because tbh that reporter from 60 minu was incredibly rude and inappropriate saying to him "you're not getting any younger"... as if any of us needed a stranger telling us that stuff.

    So no wonder why Leo is so "serious" (still something that I do not consider bad) in interviews and refrains only to answer questions about work.

    But that is just my opinion. :)

    Yes, I know it was just her opinion...how can I tell you...I was actually talking about the situation of that specific moment cause I know that Leo is a very nice nice and gentle man. I didnt mean to say that Leo was arrogant or something like that,no way! And I made ​​a point to say that it was certainly a matter of opportunity at the end of the my sentence. :)

    I also agree about this reporter from 60 minu...I sometimes dont know how Leo handles such kind of questions. As if all eyes were turned to him with respect to marriage....that's ridiculous! :anger:

    Tks for the clips and tweets sweeties!! :flower:

  2. Tks sweeties for all the nice pics,interviews,tweets and articles!!The man is HOT!!! :woot:

    Cant wait to see all those interviews at once online!! :dance: I need to see Leo Gatsby now....why do I have to wait till June....why Lord?? :idk: :cry2:

    Princess....I also noticed the woman walking down the street and staring at the Leo....something like...."is this true? "..."Am I looking at Leonardo DiCaprio right now?" :nicole:

    if I were in her place I would have broken that glass and grabbed Leo!! :chicken: :nicole:

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