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  1. Yes , I agree with you ,Wendy. It's not everyday that we have their sightings . Sometimes they were MIA, we don't know what they were doing ,maybe some auditions . They are adults .They are both mature. Welcome EternalMagic
  2. Just saw this on fb . They were at LGA this morning . Amie, I send you a PM , please check check .
  3. Seems like Jersey Boys.
  4. Some sightings . They always have a lot of things to do at weekends.
  5. Someone on twitter saw Ryan at LAX,but I don't know if it's true.
  6. Welcome Isa ,we have known each other for a long time . Welcome Arya deyepee and thanks Ritzy for the pics . Happy B-day JouJou , you always give us a lot of valuable infos , thank you!
  7. JouJou , you are right . It was Griffith park . US weekly P.S. They are back to NYC now. Lots of people saw Ryan in soho, today.
  8. Aww..too sweet... And hot"..haha
  9. she is in the Park City, now ?
  10. And she smiled...oh They really love each other..happy for them.
  11. Ryan opened the car door for her .
  12. Oh..LuLu is me , I saw that pic on instagram , but I am not sure she was at LAX. Blake was at In n out burger which is near LAX.
  13. Someone saw her , and there is a pic on Instagram
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