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  1. sure...I'll show you some pictures as soon as I have my special day :P

    (that's somewhere in the middle of May) so you're gonna wait a little :P

  2. I couldn't say the same about my place :p you just wouldn't like it :P

  3. I;d love to see canada, but I don't think you'd be very happy to be here lol

  4. Right now, I can't believe I'm saying this-but I'm sick of scnow and I'm freezing my ass off :ninja:

  5. and here it's like winter in the spring :|

  6. and it's actually snowing here today :laugh:

    I'm freezing :ninja:

  7. I don't have to study, I'm sick lol :P

  8. you don't like the pink one? Then we'll go with it :D

    and you'll never see me fall :blah:

    *because I won't skate* :pinch:

  9. you better keep an eye on them :laugh: or some day you'll get up with bright pinky sparkly nails :P

    and I'd probably break my legs while ice skating...Trust me, there's a reason why I don't do sports:ninja:

  10. crap -4-

    I told you ice skating is dangerous :P

    I hope it gets better for you sooner :/

  11. that's great! I'm so happy for you?

    When is your big game???

  12. of course you did :laugh:

  13. I also hate history and geography lol :P

  14. thanks for the wishes :)

  15. oh, msn isn't working right now :pinch: I'm trying to log in but the whole computer freezes -_-'

    and I'm not smart, a lot of people go to these courses :P It's a lot easier than trying to learn all the stuff by yourself..

  16. I'll go to a physics course other than the chemistry one :P

    and I'll have to prepare other 4 subjects like math, english and computers for the test in the end :P

    the one that determines your whole future *sigh*

  17. oh :laugh: wait for the next semester :ninja:

    if you don't hear of me for the next 6 months don't think I'm lost or something :P

  18. thanks for the wishes :hug:

  19. thank you for the wishes :hug:

  20. you're not so old yourself you never should have called me kid lol :P thanks a lot :P

    you know, 27 dresses was on tv today, but I didn't watch it cain:

  21. thanks for the wishes :hug:

  22. yeah, lyon messed up :P

    thanks edith ♥

  23. ooohhh....you replied to both of us lol :P

  24. I hope that you'll get better soon :flower: thanks and happy new year to you too!!

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