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  1. Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend :)

  2. Thanks for contributing to the Fashion Photographers forum! :-*

    1. Squeege Beckenheim

      Squeege Beckenheim

      You know when I accidently found out that we have one I freaked out! Love it, also all these people deserve contribution.

  3. Your tag line is hilarious! Have you seen the fan-made video for the song?

  4. I'm happy to help promote the competition! Thanks for running the comp :D

  5. The model's Malgosia Bela :) It was from an editorial in i-D magazine (Spring 2011 issue)

  6. Merry 2012-mas to you too! I had an indifferent Christmas; was invited to a BBQ, as it is summer here in the southern hemisphere.

  7. Thank you for adding me as a friend :)

  8. Thanks for the friend request! Flawless list of favourite designers/labels, by the way :)

  9. The music I've been listening to isn't new, per se, but I'm sort of obsessing over The Field Mice, Shop Assistants and (although I don't like to admit that I listen to 'indie') Beach Fossils. On the other end of the spectrum, I think I might start listening to Judas Priest :))

  10. Great list of favourites :) I guess Kati Nescher is the only 'fresh' new face I remember from this season, but I was really excited to see that the likes of Daga Ziober and Nyasha Matonhodze had booked so many shows :3

  11. I know, right? :D Nyasha is so dynamic in editorials and such a fresh face on the runway. Sui looked gorgeous in the Ralph Lauren campaign– I hope she'll be back for Spring 2012! :3

  12. I'm not too familiar with those artists/bands, in all honesty, so I'll make a note to check out their music :) I've been listening to a bit o' twee pop and noise rock lately, but my favourite genres are roughly the same as yours.

  13. Oh, I was going to mention Nyasha! I loved her cover for LOVE and she's been tearin' up the runway lately :3

  14. Thanks! Who are some of your favourite models? Fond of any new faces of this fashion week/month? :3

  15. Hey, thanks for visiting! :3

  16. Oh, well lately currently it's Anais Pouliot, Anais Mali (those two are fab), Sui He, Emily Baker and Daga Ziober. How about you? :)

  17. Well, you know, I do what I can. I'm now curious about what bands/musicians you've been listening to...

  18. Hello there! Thanks for visiting my page :}

  19. Thank you for the link! I will keep that in mind :) Also, thank you for being my *first* friend on BZ; I hope I'm not sounding too neurotic/obsessive already!

  20. If you had asked me last season, I would've eagerly accepted your invitation, but my team has had an abysmal start to this season (very much like Arsenal, but less amusing). Once I overhaul my defence so it's 100% Newcastle FC, I’ll get back to ya.

  21. Is that so? Daria is awesome; I have the same enthusiasm towards life as her :P

  22. Oh, yes; she is flawless.

  23. Hey, thanks for stopping by :)

  24. Salutations, my friend! I see you have a big picture of Daria and Jane on your page, which can only mean you are a super cool person.

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