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  1. Such a cute Baby... and I love the name Plus her pics showing the baby She looked absolutely gorgeous
  2. Blog http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/19/wombfire-of-the-week-legend-pearl-phillips_n_3623675.html?ir=Black+Voices#slide=2715872
  3. Her latest pics are just GORGEOUS
  4. Wow I didn't see this coming Ehhh congrats? I also think she could be pregnant but I've never understood this of she's pregnant and we have to get married... 99% of the couples I know that do this barely last. I guess in hollywood should be even more difficult.
  5. Hmm Idk... Maybe Otis or Ruby Sweetheart when they were babies? The pic was from about a year ago so I don't think it's ruby or Otis.
  6. Not to play Blake's advocate but if she was interested in Ryan, to be fair seems Leo couldnt kept his eyes away from other girls neither... Example: Anna Jagodzinska. :morning: So I agree that was just a summer fling.
  7. Huh? oh Leo! Angela ‏@lastrosepetal 2h Idk if anyone cares but Leonardo DiCaprio was at Disneyland yesterday and wore a V for Vendetta mask on Star Tours.
  8. I confess when I saw all those pictures posted, For a moment I thought that maybe Leo agreed with this and he wasn't so paranoid about privacy anymore. Guess i was wrong Well to be fair... I asume the accounts were closed or switched to private i dont know because people dont like their accounts so exposed like that in public? I mean, One thing is be seen by your friends or followers but the link posted in a tabloids as Lainey and Post and then be ridiculed for it? Besides for being about Leo who is super private and everyone knows this (I asume even Toni's friends). Still I dont think the pictures were a big deal since Leo wasnt in any photo. On the age issue ... As I said before here, Is not only the age, since many men and even women now are dating younger people. Not that they are all blonde because people have their type. Not just that is another model. But is about that Gisele, Erin, Bar, Toni and I imagine the other ones that will follow her , are a copy of the other. Like he has a prototype of woman. LOL Not to mention that with none of them, he seems to look for a serious relationship. But hey, is that is what he wants, what can we do? ... Just hoping as fan, he change and dares to search for something more in a relationship. I cant wait forever to see his babies you know
  9. OMG . . “Girl Meets World” Star And Leonardo DiCaprio Photobombed By Mel Gibson.
  10. Cody Kennedy ‏@itsCodyKennedy 1h Party of the year with Leo DiCaprio. Not gonna lie, I'm completely starstruck. #icandiehappynow #namedropping 6:04 AM - 5 Jul 13 · Details
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