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  1. Some of the best photos she killed it this year!
  2. Finally they give her an outfit that shows off her figure! only took them two years thanks for the photos
  3. i'm half and half tbh. in the google glass photos and the interview gifs I thought she looked cute, at those AFI event pics just kinda meh. i agree she looked better with longer hair. Thank god the wig 'technology' has gotten so good or I imagine some studio heads would have been pulling their hair out x)
  4. it may have taken pages of instagram photos but she made it worth the wait when she finally gives us a shoot she looks great! thanks for the photos
  5. those H&M photos...that figure. it's just perfect
  6. thought she was fantastic in Man of Steel! the whole cast was great but she really stuck out for someone who was a supporting character
  7. she did an SI casting (via swimdaily)
  8. superRDF


    I'm like a day or two late but i still have to toot my real madrid whistle Barca really should be starting VIlla up front with Messi cause clearly Pedro (or Fabregas or whoever) isn't cutting it and the other plays haven't been stepping up when Messi's been shut down lately.
  9. superRDF

    Diane Kruger

    thanks for the adds! again she looks radiant from the neck up at the vanity fair event but that outfit does her no justice at all
  10. thanks for the vids and photos everyone
  11. superRDF


    ^ i did think Arsenal was going to put up more of a fight but Bayern just dominated that first half, away from home at that. here's hoping for an AC Milan upset today
  12. superRDF


    I think it's safe to say Arsenal are out of european competition with 3 away goals they'd have to go to Bayern and score at least 3 goals on a team that had only given up 7 in the Bundesliga (i believe that's what the announcer said but don't quote me ) I feel like Bayern are underrated in the European competition despite making two finals in 3 years or maybe it's all in my head.
  13. I can't believe Emily has like 14%.. I had my fiance number the girls 1-4 in his opinion, and I'm ashamed to say he put Emily last too!! What's wrong with these people? lol I've been voting as much as I can every time I remember, but I dunno if she'll make it lets hope!
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