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    I love to just chill with my friends whenever I can!! The beach, movies, whatever!!
  1. Happy birthday :)

  2. i love your avatar

  3. So, is something going on between you and that [solo] guy? I noticed he started a couple threads for you. He's hot! You should jump him if you haven't already *meow*

  4. Hey there sexy ;)

    What's up?

  5. Holy shit!! Me and this guy in a big bed!! It will be so hot!!
  6. So hot!! And British too?!?! I want to do him right now!!
  7. Wow!! I think this girl just turned me into a lesbian!!
  8. Wow!! This is a great idea! I love men ! So, I just post which one I think should sin right? Nicolas x3!
  9. Wow! Everone here is like totally amazing! Alright, I cannot decide which to use. I've never seen her before but she is totally goreous!!!!! I love these! She is super cute Can I use the first avatar and the second signature?
  10. Close- I love British guys! That's the nickname what my friends gave my "perfect guy"
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