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  1. 1.Whats yr favorite word? Etiquette or Nonchalant 2.Whats ye least favorite word? like so many in this thread i would have to say Cunt i just find it so offensive!! 3.What sound or noise do you love? The sound of a thunderstorm, Just so cool! What sound or noise do you hate? Traffic(unless the traffic had Ferrai's/Porsche's etc etc ) 5.What turns you on? [creatively, spiritually, or emotionally] Music Libreal people(dunno if thats Spirittually though ) Closeness 6.What turns you off Peeps who lack a sentisive side 7.Whats yr favorite curse word? Fucking....if you say it at the right times it can sound just awesome 8.What profession other than yours (if you have one) would you like to attempt? F1 driver omg would be sooooo cool!!...or a Club owner 9.What profession would you not like to attempt? Anything to do with being on tv 10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Big it up for my main man!!!
  2. Never heard of her myself But she is certianly a honey! thats for sure
  3. Nightlife

    Cameron Diaz

    No, i think she still looks hot indeed Prefere her as a burnette Brings out those sexy eyes of hers(her best feature imo )
  4. 1. Micheal Jackson- Thriller(ofcourse ) 2. Micheal Jackson- Smooth Criminal 3. George Micheal- Freedom 4. Eminem- without me 5.Jamiroquai- love fool 6.Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood 7. Janet Jackson-Control 8. The verve- Bittersweet Symphony 9.Usher- You remind me 10. Prince-Get off and thats just on the top of my head haha
  5. 1.Kelly Clarkson- Because of you 2.Stevie Wonder- Part time lover 3.Micheal Jackson- Thriller 4.Eric Clapton-Layla 5. luice silvas- Without you
  6. Nightlife

    Mischa Barton

    i know this was said a while ago, but i totally agree i am quite suprised by the mixed feelings too I think she is just gorgeous! her skin complection and her check bones are just amazing! I don't just like her because of her looks i really do have alot of admiration for this girl. She is soo cool the way she doesn't really care kinda attitude and the role she sets for younger girls is great. The OC won't ever be the same without her
  7. I smoke but uhm i am not a smoker if that makes sense ...i started in high school. But i can go without for a fair while before needing one again.
  8. Haha thanks!! Took me a while to choose one out of my collection hehe
  9. Some awesome WP here is mine at the moment... BTW i am kinda new here so nice to meet y'all
  10. Just come across Claire for the first time (watched the film girls& Boys) She is just soooo sexy!!! i have gone mad on her those eyes kill me Just trying to find out more about her etc etc
  11. Uuu....hot! Wow for a couple of girls to say that has gotta mean somthing ....Totally agree that is pretty dam sexy!
  12. Wtf? That defies all laws of gravity and logic! Hahahahahaha
  13. Word. Well glad you agree It has been quoted that she thinks her feet are her best feature. Which is quite a statement as she has loads of great features!!
  14. Yeah some sexy pics thats for sure Kylie Minogue, the sexiest feet on the planet ...so cute!
  15. Some awesome pics guys n girls Now i know people are starting to have very opinionated views on the desirability towards Kylie. However with pics like this i still think she is soo sexy!!! imo anyway i am new here btw, So great to meet y'all!!
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