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  1. What can I say. I kinda missed this place

  2. If you can imagine a drunk midget trying to get into a hammock, then you can gain some insight how I find navigating BZ now

    1. Layla90


      Made me imagine Chuy Bravo doing that... haha.

    2. Nightlife


      Is he a piss head then? haha

  3. Im thinking the reason you don't like her is because she is becoming more popular? - Not quite sure why but Elsa Hosk doesn't really do it for me

  4. So it may have taken me a little while. But I do believe I've got Marloes Horst fever:P

  5. Yeah it will be a tad pricey but with a bit of smart thinking I believe I can afford it. whilst having a social life as well haha.

  6. I like to think of it as a Promiscuous escapade, ha! Yeah I did. First one which was cool. uhm yeah all is good, Im looking to relocate to London at the moment. Finally got myself a job up there. Thankfully they're keeping the position open until I find a place to stay which is pretty cool of them. Glad to hear everything well your side

  7. Didn't mean to pry Don. I just can get quite inquisitive at times

  8. hey dude. Hows it going?

  9. It was so long ago since that particular weekend that i can't even remember lol. But I just had my dutch relatives over which has been good fun

  10. Yeah not much going for me down here now. So gotta get moving. Probably be there by summer

  11. Sounds like my kinda girl....*goes off to investigate*

  12. Hey, Hows trix? You up to much over the weekend?

  13. She's the girl with the moles on her boobs right? - Just found out about her the other day...

  14. Ha, I don't believe you mean that;) Just saying that to make me smile :shifty: lol

  15. Are those pics of all the films Leo has been in? I would have thought there would be more :ninja: Still pretty cool though

  16. Yeah not too bad. Trying to look at places in London at the moment. Thinking of moving:) How about yourself? It's been a while since i spoke to you. Had a Birthday and everything:)

  17. yeah i read that somewhere. That sucks mate. I've had that a few times. Such a pain in the ass. Sorted it out then?

  18. Well you suck then :P If you're into your music you should totally look into that. Yeah all is well with me. Had my sister over for the weekend which was fun! Haven't seen her for ages

  19. Hey Danni, Hows it going? Was wondering if you got a last fm account

  20. It's what you call a rookie mistake;) Been meaning to get in contact with you. Something always seems to come up. Whats new?

  21. Seriously, Actresses CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is so well constructed. Very impressive!

  22. cool, glad you liked them and the website. what's your link?

  23. yeah no worries, i know it's long. No rush lol. Thanks for the suggestion. i didn't even think of that. i'll look into it:) So whats your excuse for doing nothing then;P

  24. Did you get my pm with those pics?

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