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  1. Brant Daugherty my new crush

  2. Brant Daugherty my new crush

  3. hey Daniela, I am happy that you add me as your friend, I think your an amazing model, you are very pretty.

  4. where did my avatar went?

    1. Juliaaa


      No idea but that's a beautiful avatar you have currently.:)

  5. thanks he is fine.

  6. who is that sexy guy from your avi.

  7. 5 stars for you. You are so nice.

  8. 5 stars for you

  9. No I haven't heard Por ella soy Eva. I like lucero too, yes I know who Jaime Camil is, I don't like him. I like Rafael Amaya and his girlfriend Angelica Celaya she is gorgeous and she is an actress too.

  10. Do you think the undercop girl from La reina del sur is pretty.

    You think Samantha Navarro is pretty in corazon valiente? she reminds me the ugly version of Sandra Kubicka.

    I think Isabel (Juan Marco's wife) is the prettiest in the novela, She reminds me of Esti Ginzburg.

  11. I saw la reina del sur, what do you think about el guero/wero I think he is fine, it was Teresa first love that kill. He used to come out in a novela called Alguien te Mira it was a good novela. My favorite character was Paty Farrel she is sexy

  12. now we know how we look like, I didn't you watch novelas in serbia. Did you ever watch a novela called Alguien te Mira?

  13. I just wrote to you on the siggy & avatar request, so you could go and read it. sorry for giving you such a hard time. I am a pain in the butt.

  14. You have a twitter account with the same username right? I just notice you are following me in twitter.

  15. Thanks, but yeah can't see it.

  16. I am not able to see the happy smile

  17. I don't understand the comment you just posted on my profile.

  18. is the girl in your avatar bar? she looks very pretty

  19. Thank You for the birthday wishes

  20. Thank you for the birthday wishes

  21. thank you so much I really appreciate it. It works now

  22. I went to see the update you made on Viviane Vidal thread. Awesome pictures.

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