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    F1: Ferrari<br />Football (Soccer): FC Barcelona, Besiktas JK, Premiere League<br />NBA: Knicks<br />Movies, Music, bla bla bla classic stuff

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  1. Hello~

    Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. He is an actor, he is a model, he is also an admin. Please welcome...... Erik Marmo de Moraes Birth name Erik Marmo de Moraes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Height 5' 10
  3. cast0r

    Lindsay Lohan

    i dunno, people say paparazzis did it anyway, damn its an sl65 AMG, and look at her now, DAMN http://www3.mercedes-benz.com/omb/amg/en/c.../galerie_01.htm
  4. cast0r

    Lindsay Lohan

    ahhhhhhhhhh damn you lindsay how can you do this to her
  5. cast0r


    AHHHHHHHHH what da heck was that finale :o :o i dont wanna wait all that long for the 5th season. need some spoilers or i'm gonna dieeeeeeeeee gimme some NOW
  6. cast0r


    i'm back from the match, it was awesome liverpool won. everybody was singin "you'll never walk alone" even when milan was leadin 3-0
  7. thx alot great job :king:
  8. Neoooooooooooooooo stripes <_<
  9. cast0r

    I Am...

    ..not feelin well, like sensing something wrong
  10. great job mate, lovely work (am i brit, nope ) anyway thx alot really good job
  11. hey neo, can you try one more time with these this time. i scanned them again
  12. thx alot neo, they look awesome. if you want me to scan them in a particular way let me know
  13. thx neo btw just checked all links are workin
  14. Marie Claire UK Edition June 2005 1670x2102 921kb 1652x2093 752kb 1667x2095 801kb 1672x2095 988kb 1660x2085 731kb 1650x2088 720kb 1630x2085 661kb 1660x2093 752kb All clicky, sorry for the stripes, damn HP scanners <_< (canon ordered ) and theyr all raw, so if somebody who knows PS, touch them a little it would be great i think
  15. ok i'm gonna buy it then, i saw it in D&R yeah FB is the champ, i was in starbucks etiler yesterday at that hour, people went crazy, blocked the nisbetiye avenue with their cars, singin, dancin, cursin and then some of them lighted flares, you know the drill. it was like kadikoy not like etiler at all btw i support bjk but not interested in turkish league, i love premiere league and la liga (Barca is the best ) ehem anyway, then i'm gonna get it tonight, just need a walk to D&R or Akmerkez
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