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  1. I agree with you that there’s 2 sides to a story! We’ve seen cases of false accusations, and yes there’s are shitty women that lie for attention. However we don’t have an isolate incident here. Several women have accuse him of inappropriate behaviour is several separate occasions. So I will chose to believe the victims here.
  2. Or they have no base to stand on! That same reason is also why most people don’t go to the proper legal options... also most of this accusations aren’t crimes. Still doesn’t mean models should have to suck it up and work with assholes
  3. If the photographer then feel like he’s being defamed why hasn’t he then sue them?
  4. How is talking about your experience childish? We want people to warn other people about creeps to protect models, but when someone does it is childish? Lais has every right to talk about her experience as any model.
  5. The fact some of you are defending him, when there’s literally a documentary of him being abusive and an asshole towards models, appals me. The reason most of these photographers walk free, is that it’s really hard to prove things that happens years ago, and also being an asshole and a creep is not a crime. Still doesn’t mean models have to take that kind of behavior!
  6. I think it’s pretty obvious there’s no show this year, from the press release, to leomie’s tweet, to Shanina interview. Shanina is friends with all the angels. And I’m pretty sure the angels know if there’s a show or not, and they would absolutely talk to each saying there will be no show...
  7. You fully missed the point, and are part of the problem!
  8. Look you are allowed to feel the way you feel about people.. but everytime you comment is always being really harsh on almost every model... maybe just try to be a little more positive, or refrain from calling girls awful things you sometimes do. It’s ok to not think someone is pretty, but they are models for some reason, and sometimes you can really be harsh on what you call them.
  9. You kinda are trashing her, but you trash everyone so! Lol
  10. Lol that Karlie Kloss interview made me laugh rumor is she gave up her contract because her bf and his family didn’t like that she was a lingerie model, and judge her for that.. and she did VS show again a few years agr when she and bf were on a break.
  11. I wish they would make a photoshop with Taylor sara Barbara and grace together 🥰
  12. If your not a fan of sara anymore, why keep bothering coming to her page at all? You are free to feel whatever you want, not going to tell you you have to like sara, I just think basing your opinions of sara based on something you heard from someone that is connected of his ex wife seems very biased. I’m pretty sure his ex wife and her friends would not say nice things about sara, specially if the relationship ended in bad terms. And people tend to only tell their side of the story. I just think it’s a big reach saying with such certain he didn’t love her in the beginning and was only with her for certain motive. Unless he told you that himself, there’s no way you know. But anyway, this is something that always have bother me in life how people are quick to judge someone simply by what they have heard.
  13. Lol, he’s suppose to be worth more than sara! Lol so you’re saying he left for sara’s Money in the beginning? Lol sara was not even close enough as famous as she is today. Lol base your opinion on what you heard from someone that heard something from someone bla bla is just stupid! There’s always 2 sides of a story! Anywayyyyy
  14. Sure, and just because she thought she was in a loving relationship, doesn’t mean he was... anyway this conversation is stupid. Lol the only people that need to like each other is them! Everyone else’s opinions really don’t matter
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