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  1. Inguna for Vince Camuto. (pictures from various internet sources) Great to see her back doing more work, also looks like she will be in a few more editorials before the end of the year
  2. Glad to see some more stuff from Mina, pictures are very beautiful indeed
  3. Some really nice shots of Mina thanks to all those who have posted
  4. Does anyone know if Mina has done any shows lately, I did see her showcard around but have not actually seen any pictures of her at shows I would really like to see her get a lot more work
  5. It seems a shame that Katarina does not seem to get a bigger profile campaign, she has the looks and personality for it
  6. I wish Mina would do more work, she is full of personality and life
  7. I have really enjoyed seeing her at the big shows she looks so at home on the runway, she always seems to just nail the Dior shows
  8. Happy holiday season for all Lets hope the future hold's much promise and greatness for Laetitia and her fans
  9. Some very nice update's and pictures have been made by many members As for Laetitia winning, as has been stated, as long as her fans appreciate her, then that is all that matters
  10. Great work on the video Lisa and Minus , there have been many great pictures posted by many different members as well, some new some not so new, but great to see all the same
  11. Thanks eleone22 Some very nice pictures there
  12. Merci Adélaïde The wait has been very much worth it It is very good to see your still about Adélaïde
  13. Just meaning that a figure like Laetitia's is much better to look at than some half anorexic model
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