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  1. I would think if someone were sharing pics of themselves with others, they'd show their face. Given that fact and the composition of the photo, I'd say whoever sent the pic is not the woman in the pic!
  2. That's what I thought. I just helped someone on a home repair forum and I guess she figured I'd want more than just thanks...LOL. I found pics of Wendy but nothing that matched exactly so I wasn't sure. I am sure it's not the woman who needed drywalling advice LOL
  3. Someone sent me these pics on the internet saying it is her, however I think it looks like Wendy Dubbeld. I was offering home repair advice on a forum and she sent these pics to "thank me".......but I think she is full of it cause it sure looks like Wendy to me. But I cannot find these pics of her anywhere else. Thanks for any help.
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