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  1. Certainly got some holidays to look forward to.

  2. Busy working, i guess we will have a whole bunch of new photos all at once.

  3. Only alright, everything okay?

  4. Hi there, hows life treating you?

  5. Cheers, hows things?

  6. "Butters" avi will be back after Crimbo. :D Couldnt agree more about The Simpsons, earlier episodes were better, you only get the odd funny line or scene these days. You pretty much have your own Leo Photo Album on here. :D By the way Merry Christmas. :hug:

  7. Cheers Mar, as much as i like to see Nina in a bikini, it didnt seem appropriate at Christmas. :D

  8. We all need time to relax and chill. :D If it make you feel any better i havent started yet either, but i think i will make time to venture out next week.

  9. Yes i am, everyones always happier at Christmas also great seeing friends and family, the food, the drink the music. Even like the shopping, but like you say drives me crazy when its so crowded. That being said i will have to venture out soon. :D Do you have for Christmas?

  10. Im good, keeping busy, so are you a Christmasy person?

  11. Hi there, how you been?

  12. So did you get to lunch with the celebs? Reese movies, though i wouldnt class any of them as my fav movies of alltime, i think Four Christmases & Legally Blonde are her best, and kind of liked Sweet Home Alabama, but dont tell anyone. :D How about you?

  13. There is still always a place for Reese though. :D So did you go away somewhere, or did you just have a break from work? Pretty ladies, such tough competition for them all, i guess for every one that makes it big, there are thousands that miss out.

  14. Of cause, how can i forget you.:D Im very well, and been pretty busy of late. Still a fan of Reese, lovely lady, but been slightly obsessed with Nina Agdal over the past few months though. How are you doing FD, been up to much lately and any new models been added to your favs?

  15. I like your avatar Jennka. :D

  16. Hi there Babe.Jude, cheers for all your work on those HQ picture links, very much appreciated, i now get to see my beautiful Nina in HQ. :D

  17. Your welcome Danni, glad i could help.

  18. Much appreciated, excuse my lateness in replying didnt notice you had posted a comment. How are you and have you had a good day Danni?

  19. Hi there, Miss Sunshine, amazing Nina Gifs, appreciate your great work.

  20. Thats what i wanted to ask, whos the girl in your Avatar Ramsfan, looks cute.

  21. I think Sabriane edges it, out of the two.

  22. Nice, have to say Nina has my attention right now.

  23. Certainly some beautiful looking ladies amongst that list.

  24. Good show, has a bit of everything, and characters have great chemistry.

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