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  1. No doubt that Cindy Crawford would be on the top list, with that girl-next-door and all of her achievement. I can say that Cindy is the most bankable model in the world.
  2. Penelope Cruz looks hot and sensual with that shot. The snake match it up to her flawless body.
  3. All of the photos has been removed. But of all the female actresses in Hollywood I think Beyonce has the finest booty.
  4. Cover songs that I'm fond of listening to are Always by Aj Rafael and Katt (originally done by Atlantic Starr), Two is better than one by Aj Rafael and Kina Granis (originally done by Taylor Swift and Boys like Girls), Tie me down by Maribelle Anes and Lil Crazed (originally done by New Boyz)
  5. F*cking Perfect by Travis Garland (cover song from Pink)
  6. carizza

    Ozzy or Dio?

    I think both of them can be consider as the father of heavy metal. But yeah, Ozzy is more popular than Dio. But when it comes to music they're both my favorite.
  7. I usually listen to my laptop since it can hold up to thousand of music.
  8. carizza

    Body Type

    I'm short and thin (not literally skinny), I wonder how can I make my body look curvy without getting into surgeries.
  9. carizza

    Self love

    Everything. haha. what's not to like anyways? I'm already contented of what I have.
  10. carizza

    You Pretty

    I think , therefore I am beautiful.
  11. 2 of my cousins already did a breast implant and their planning to take nose job to. Seriously, I'm cool with it, because after their surgery I was pretty amazed on the result.
  12. carizza

    Eating Disorder

    I eat a lot but I never get fat, I guess it has something to do with my metabolism. So I don't need to take on a diet just to stay slim.
  13. Too bad, anyways its her loss, Ugh. LOL
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