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  1. Garnier Commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFBU1fxhMMA&feature=player_embedded
  2. O wow I googled image that name, and I think you're absolutely correct. Thank you modelknowledge for that bit of "model knowledge"!!!!
  3. Can anyone identify this Boston Proper Model? Thanks!!!
  4. I'll second that--perfect! Thank you matute, vanessa, donbot, fantastical, etc for consistently doing such an excellent job.
  5. She's absolutely stunning! Thanks sweet lady!!!
  6. untitled.bmpFor the longest time I thought this was Noemie Lenoir because of the resemblance to the known pictures of Noemie (from earlier Loreal ads). This photo was from the Neiman Marcus catalog a few years back. But the folks over at the Noemie Lenoir bulletin board say it's not her. I figure they would know. untitled.bmp
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