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  1. It has it'sflaws but all in all it was good, especially the special effects...

  2. It was great! Although I'm totally untalented when it comes to skiing. XD I'll not try it again,

  3. It was pretty good. :) The weather here is amazing these days...

  4. It's about 26 dgrees. ^^ T-Shirt-weather.

    Actually to warm for spring but I don't mind...

  5. Mostly casual style. ^^ I like girlish retro clothes but I usually don't look good in them. :P

  6. No, I'm not. After I finished school I mad a job training (3 years) But the I decided thatr I want to attend university. So now I have to attend school again for still one year now. After that I'm allowed to attend university... ^^

  7. No, never! XD Is it very difficult, compared to skiing?

  8. Not a skirt person? ^^ What kind of style are you into? :)

  9. Nothing special. XD

    I was hiking today. Becvaue here, the 1st may, everyone has a free day and most people go hiking... Did you have a free day? Oo

  10. Oh yaeh, it sounds like a lot of fun! *_*

  11. Oh, Gladiator is awesome! :D

    I love American History X, Red Dragon, Sleepers, Apollo 13,... a lot of films. ^^

  12. Oh, Italy! That sounds great! :D Italian food is awesome! XD Pasta, Pizza!

  13. Oh! :( I wish you luck for the exams! *crosses her fingers*

    I'm fine. I feel really good right now. ^.^

  14. Oh! Cool! How old will you get? Are you gemini? (twin?)...

  15. Oh! XD Hahaha!

    Yes, that makes much more sense!

  16. Plans for the summer? Well, probably. I want to make a hort trip to an other german town with a friend of mine. The only problem: I don't know if I have enough money. What about you?

  17. Quebec, Ontario,... XD

    I'm terrible when it comes to geography.

  18. Rain, rain, rain. I want it to be warmer too. I want to wear skirts and dresses. ^^

  19. Really? That's cool! :)

    So, do you attend a university? What do you study?

  20. Sadly I'm rather bored these days. With one exception: I'm reading a hilarious book! ^^ Do you read a lot?

  21. sick? I'm confused... Are you ill?

  22. So, what did you get for your b-day? :)

  23. So, why do you do it?

  24. Someone tossed a ball pen into my face (slightly over the right eye) at school. -.- *lol* Nice, isn't it?

  25. Sorry for my at reply, was in italy the whole last week. ;)

    Yes, I live in germany But when it comes to german geography I'm helpless. XD

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