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    Stara Zagora,Bulgaria
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    Beautiful models,Victoria's Secret,Brazil(Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo)<br />I love Joao Vellutini,Bruno Santos,Chingy and all tall men!!!

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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. dasla


    O this D&G dress I loveee it!I noticed that Ale is with Izabel's shoes from the VSFS after party pictures!It seems they're very close friends to share accessories
  3. OO poor Adriana she's losing and losing her beauty Alessandra looks goregeous , these sparkling eyes
  4. O sexy baby!! I really like him in "the Wedding date" with the white shirt
  5. I adore him,too!I think he is the pretties in the whole fashion industry
  6. dasla

    James Franco

    Great!!!!!!I adore THIS MAN!!HE IS SO SEXYYYYY
  7. I adore his personality,he's so funny and charming!!
  8. I notice that her make-up is the same always,but She can't compare with Paris Hilton!Kim is more beautiful!!!
  9. attachment=222893:kim_kardashian__2_.jpg] Beauty
  10. Could you give me another link for THe SHow,because in megauplod,the page don't exist
  11. Doutzen looks so beautiful,she is like a doll.............She is Like Barbie!!!Katja looks gorgeous,I adore her cat eyes
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