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  1. Trying to deal with life also working a bit :). & you, how's everything going for toi?


  2. hello :)

    just here to leave some kisses *

  3. that is something , you saying you like some magda work :)

    & tho are your model intrests the same? that's a thing i've been meaning to ask you in one of our pm's but i just forgot :D

  4. oh please be ... and grant some wish 4 me!! :)

    how are you iry?

  5. oh i just read it & it's a long one ... i'll replay tonight coz i will have more time & everything.

    Hope your good & everything is ok in your laylaland :flower:

  6. yes i did sweety. tho i haven't been able to log in on bz for a while, i've been kinda busy. I'll replay right now in fact :flower:

  7. "dont let one person bring you down. theres a whole world out there." tho those are words to be keep in mind. & yea your right but things happen & when you know how much you did fight for something to work out, to see it lets say, crumble. It sure brake your heart :(

  8. & missed you lots as well, wub wub

  9. my sweetyyyyyyyyyyy!! you have to send me a pm with your email :hugs:

    well i'm so so, life stuff.

    tho i'm waiting for that email, kisses :*:*

  10. & so do you plan on going to college?

    sorry the preview comment got cut :|

  11. tho i used to be a party girl, a happy party girl but that was before i gave a chance to this guy who i thought was the love of my life but he fucked up my life. broke me, put my sould in the grave =|

    oh, your graduating this year. Yay for you big boy!! :)

    & tho what's the project about? i mean is it supposed to be about something in particular?

    & so do you plan

  12. hey matt :hugs:

    ... no parties 4 moi :(. My soul's in the grave & i'm pretty dead emotionaly so there's nothing to party about.

    Tho how are you? :flower:

  13. hey lovely :hug:

    genta i was wondering if you have the original picture from your siggy (the last one tho?)

  14. layla did you get my replay at your last pm? i'm asking coz i think it fail at sending ... :|

  15. la multzi ani d' 2oo9 miky kiky :* ...

  16. happy new year matty :hug:

  17. thank you. i wish you a great/happy/amazing new year as well genta :flower:

  18. why thank you :hehe:

    i know sweety, i didn't had much time for bz + i was kinda lazy. i will replay tomorrow.

    Yea i still don't know who that was :(

    anyway. i wish you an amazing new year, wub wub :hug:

  19. thank you sweety!! i'm great, hangover after last night but great :))

    sorry i havn't replay to your preview comment but i didn't have time to log in on bz lately. I wish you a fabulous new year & take care <3

  20. gahh, work for the holidays that sucks.

    honestly i havn't made any plans, i guess i'll do something with my boyfriend, go somewhere i don't know yet ... but this year i don't really feel the holidays anyway so i'll be happy when they will all end.

  21. :flower: hello.

    well i've been alright ... busy w/ life stuff like everybody else :))

    you? are you getting redy for xmas? :shifty:

  22. i got it sweety, but it's a long pm ... i wanted to replay yesturday but i was very tired. I will replay tonight :flower:

    :( i still don't know ...

  23. yea but definitly not inguna :( ...

    still w/ school? don't you have like a xmas vacation?! :o

    :blush: ... i'm from the dandelion land :)). romania tho

  24. my angeee, are you still in touch w/ bz?! :hugs:

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