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  1. Azulus

    Ad Layout

    Reverted the header ads, they were too big and not providing any noticable gain. We're going to keep toying with the ads and try to keep a focus on the content.
  2. We're switching our e-mail over to Google Apps hosting which gives us a limited amount of e-mail addresses on their basic (free) plan. If you <3 Bellazon that extra little bit and want to flaunt a bellazon.com e-mail for street cred, we're thinking about opening them up for $1 / mo. If we get more than 20 requests we'll need to go to an auction system as we don't want to splurge too far into our e-mail address pool right now. Post here if you're interested and we'll work something out. These will be hosted via Google's GMail service and will act and look 100% like GMail, only it will have an @bellazon.com at the end. By the way, this would put us at < $20 a month for the e-mail hosting if we get 20 requests, and maybe a bit over with more, so we're not trying to use this to turn a profit or anything of the sort. The monthly fee is mostly to cover our own administration costs (forgot passwords, new accounts, etc).
  3. I'm going to be toying with the ad layout a bit in the next few days. A company called YieldBuild contacted us and they have a pretty interesting service based around machine learning which we want to try implementing. It should stick with the same content in ads as it will be using our existing adsense accounts but the ad sizes and positions might change. Just give a shout if something breaks because of them or the experience becomes unfriendly.
  4. Me stealing your credit? Like you have any credit I could steal, lazy bastard.
  5. The thumbs have finished generating and I hotfixed the existing attachments (so theyre loading the thumbs now). Please let us know if this keeps happening as it means that some of the code isn't working on the new web server.
  6. I have a script running and generating missing thumbnails. It looks like we have a lot of historical images w/o thumbs so this should help a bit. It'll likely take a while to finish.
  7. GD should be compiled into PHP on the new webserver and I think that's what's being used for thumb creation now. If problems persist with new images, let me know. I'll see if we can do anything to create those missing thumbs.
  8. I think this should be fixed now. This was a problem created by having multiple web servers (and only one running the search daemon). We're also having some intermittent issues regarding routes to the servers. Hopefully they clear up soon, we're chatting with the datacenter as we speak.
  9. As some of you may have seen, we had 10 minutes or so of downtime 2-3 days ago during our database server switch. Things went "swimmingly" and the new server is handling the database load just fine (that wasn't particularly our bottleneck though). The actual site is now running off the NAS as well now which puts us into position to launch additional web servers beside the one we have now (namely our old database server). I'll keep everybody updated with whatever changes are made, but things are looking good.
  10. We're looking at adding another web server, a load balancer, and a new switch in the next 2-3 days. This should help spread out the load a bit better (we're currently getting about 45 hits per second on a single dual Xeon web server) but it might mean that there will be intermittent down time while we set up the load balancer. We'll try and make things as seamless as possible but you never know. Once the load balancer is in place, we should be able to add new web servers and scale horizontally as needed from here on out which should mean minimal downtime due to upgrades. This might help fix some of the problems the last few days that we've experienced due to the high traffic, we were already at a threshold where more unique visitors was starting to mean a drop off in page views (due to the increased page load time). So having this influx of users wasn't necessarily a good thing for our system stability. -Azulus
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