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  1. One of the most beatiful faces Brazil's ever had: Ana Paula Arósio, 31:
  2. OK, here are some of the most gorgeous, in my opinnion: Paola Oliveira, 25 years-old: Isis Valverde, 20: Cléo Pires, 25: Carolina Dieckman, 29 Camila Rodrigues, 23 Camila Pitanga, 30 Priscila Fantin, 24
  3. By the way, lechthomas, from wich magazine are those scans from? They look like they're from VIP 2004, however I have that issue and some of the photos just aren't there ...are they from VIP 2005 or 2006 perhaps? And do you mind if I use them on my website? Thanks in advance
  4. I have a website devoted to ALINNE MORAES http://alinneonline.al.funpic.org/ She's gorgeous!
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