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  1. Yes :P

    aw.. thank you :)

  2. :) yes... lol. its wired have my own thread :P


  3. Hey scooter :)

    Thank you

    Im glad you like the pics ;)

  4. yes, I prefer this new one so much :D

  5. Anthony I always forgot about the coments ;) Thanks again for the set, luv u

  6. hey Melissa ;) Nobody knew about it, the first one to know was Anthony, and then Julia, and now most people knows because of Anthonys set ;)

  7. Its my pleasure Scooter :)

    Its good to see her in new editorials again!

  8. Is going well

    Im just waiting.

    Since I started to travel I dont work in my country anymore :P

  9. What exactly means Whats up*

    The correct answer is Im ok and how are you*

    (2 lines was question!)

  10. Nath

    meu deus esse menino da foto eh muito parecido com o pEdro louren

  11. Hiiiiii! I just dicovered the coments :D

  12. Oi mensal! ahhaha

    otima :P

    Oi tambem. to descibrindo agora esse forum direito


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