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  1. from a lingerie campaign she did .
  2. Thanks - i found this as well .
  3. This is from her IMDB page . I know that she is from Israel but was born in Russia . I think she must be around 23 years old - not sure . I think in some pictures she is blonder then others . I like her blonder . I think she wears it well . Can't wait to see more stuff she's done . My fave by faaaaarrrr ....
  4. more Bar Paly - WildFox SS 2010
  5. This is her polaroids . I love her the best all natural - like on the polaroids .Too much make up on the Maxim photos - but still very pretty. She is just gorgeous . Check those out .
  6. I know . She is great . I think she is the next big thing . I just love her looks .
  7. "thanks for the informations, MerahApi and JasonMick! " You welcome , i don't know why Kerri Lynn was getting so upset over it . and really there is no need to call any one names and try to belittle Bar Paly ( who, in my opinion , is just to die for ) or Le Silla ( which is a world renowned company ) or the photos ( Which were taken by the world renowned photographer ) it just seem petty . I am Glad that you can just read the info and say "thank you " . You like Rafaeli I like Paly we all have Bars ... just saying - I like Your attitude . Go Check Bar Paly out . She is beautiful . ( as is Rafaeli )
  8. Hi I wanted to introduce to you the lovely Bar Paly . She is an Israeli Model and Actress . She appeared on prime-time TV shows as well as in big-screen flicks . (The Ruins , How I Met Your Mother , CSI:NY , etc..) Her most recent gig was a Spring/Summer Campaign for the Italian Shoe Company - "Le Silla" shot by Terry Richardson . She is my latest crush .
  9. FALSE!!! Bar Refaeli will not work with Le Silla. Actually who modeled for Le Silla is model name Bar Paly and she also from Israel!!!
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