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  1. Hollenbubble


    I have real trouble with base makeup, as i need decent coverage but i want to look as natural as possible. At the mo I use Eyeko Cream as a moisturiser (you don't get much more illuminating than that), Benefit Boi-ing concealer where i need it, and 17 mineral compact foundation over the top (I get big time shiny). It sounds quite alot, but feels light and looks good. Then I use brow pencil and brow gel (I am obsessed with good brows), TheBalm Staniac in Homecoming Queen (peach) on my lips and cheeks, Maxfactor original Masterpiece mascara and good ole chapstick. I can never be bothered with lipgloss anymore, the novelty has worn off, unless it's REALLY nice.
  2. Things have changed quite a bit since March - I've had a major cut back. Natural is the focus. Things I can't live without: -Prescriptives Virtual Matte in Fresh Champagne - Still searching for perfect foundation, but this is very good -Urban Deacy Lip envy in Jealous (nude) - as both a lip and cheek stain -Shu Umera Eyelash Curlers -Clinique Long Pretty lashes in Black -Philosophy Think Big - Semi matte plumping lip balm
  3. I think it's essentially a balance between the two, they just play different roles, but I think that personality has the edge. Often it's the looks that get the attention, but personailty gets the heart. It's important to look healthy, of course - as humans we are programmed to respond to soft, even skin, shiny hair etc. because it means we can have strong and healthy children with that person - but an amazing personality can easily make someone seem more attractive. And I don't mean mentally, you physically see them as nice to look at, and it isn't them who've changed, but you. It's the personality that wins you over. Someone may capture you momentarily with beauty, but if there's nothing underneath, the attraction will fade. And that's just referring to sexual attraction. It's the same story between friends too, even more so. Would you be more envious of a beautiful friend or maybe a plain but stylish, confident and sorted friend? I don't know many people who choose their friends on looks alone. It's the people that make you laugh that matter in the end.
  4. I eat very well, drink lots of water, walk everywhere and take yoga classes a couple of times a week.
  5. Hollenbubble


    I have quite a hair history. Brace yourselves :-P I have medium long hair, and naturally it's an incredibly dull shade of light ash brown. I was super-light platinum blonde when i was a baby, and it just got darker and darker as I grew up. My hair is very thick and naturally very frizzy and coarse. Not dry - just frizzy. I never used to be able to tame it and I hated it when I was young. I've always had to have long hair - at one point my hairdresser cut it too short, which was probably my fault to be honest, and I didn't wear my hair down for 6 months until it grew back. Then I had horrible layers cut by an ametur stylist and went back to being a hair recluse for the rest of the year. I went through a several year phase of having horrible experiences at the hairdressers and coming home crying. I spent quite a few years of my life wishing I was blonde again, and at one point I had regular blonde highlights put in. Then I managed to grow them out and went through a phase of wanting cherry red hair. I spent forever trying to find a particular non-permenant dye, and I couldn't find it in any shop for months on end, and when I finally did the phase had passed and I didn't want red hair anymore. Most recently, I've wanted to find the perfect shade of brunette, and it's been very difficult. I began by using a lovely smelling non-permenant dye which gave me the right colour, but I wanted something more long term. So I dyed my hair with a permenant colour in what I thought was the same shade - it looked it on the box - but it came out way too red for my liking. I thought this was because I'd chosen a cheap dye, so next time I went for a more espensive one by a different brand - with the same result. So most recently, I set myself out a plan. I bought two dyes - one permenant in a colour as close to my natural shade as I could get, and that original non-permenant that gave me the right colour. After applying those two, two weeks apart, I can safely say I'm THROUGH with permenantly dying my hair and have finally found hair zen. I want to grow it a couple of inches longer, have it slightly rounded at the back and minimally layered, so that there's no chance of getting a cut wrong. So, in picture form, we're talking: This cut. This colour. So I can do this with it on special occassions. I've finally learnt how to control (with the right products) and love my long, thick hair.
  6. Since I posted that, I have nearly run out , but I've found an alternative. I can't afford Incanto at the mo so I bought this instead, until I can: Yardley Fruit Sensations Strawberry & Kiwi Eau De Toilette. Over half cheaper, much bigger bottle and not quite as incredible smelling, but pretty damn close
  7. Hope these aren't reposts - pretty sure they're not:
  8. A smudge of eyeliner can be gorgeous on certain guys. And I suppose I'd forgive a guy if he wanted to put concealer on a big spot. That's about it.
  9. 34DD, and I'm still only 15 I'm tall though so they're quite well proportioned. I'm rather proud of them, I must say.
  10. Revlon Colourstay Combination/Oily Foundation in Buff Urban Decay Surreal Skin Universal Mineral Loose Powder Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel (My hair is dyed medium brown) Salon Eyelash curler Revlon Colorstay Lashtint (totally waterproof and natural looking, great for overnight stays because it lasts for days) Clinique Long Pretty Lashes Mascara in Black Max Factor Eye Pencil in Charcoal Grey Bodyshop Lip & Cheek tint 17 Get Cheeky cream blush in Spun Sugar Revlon Colourstay Overtime Lip Colour in Timeless Nude Too Faced Original Lip Injection (I prefer a sheeny look to glossy, so I'll blot off once plump) Original chapstick/ Little Green Tin (Apple Flavoured Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly - Bigger, cheaper and cuter than Vaseline) That is what's in my daily make up bag. It might look like a lot, but I mix and match depending on what I'm doing that day - going swimming (lash, cheek & lip tint), somewhere slightly formal (lip injection), etc. For special occasions I have black liquid liner and several highly pigmented, shimmery eyeshadows (Urban Decay Deluxe)in jewel colours like emerald, amyethyst and of course, deep grey and brown for the smokey look. I have a fab double sided eye pencil from Avon with grey liner on one side and a smudger with metallic silvery powder in the lid on the other side, which I dab in the inner corners of my eyes. I also have a v. red lipstick for v. occasional wear... And to keep this updated, my most recent buy is Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gels in Backstage and Power Ballad. I love them, and I love that brand. Best products for statement eyes in my opinion.
  11. Hollenbubble

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    Kasabian & The BBC Orchestra at the Electric Proms. Incredible.
  12. Gorgeous: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/hol.../Stuff/eyes.jpg
  13. I prefer Kate's shoes and accessories, but Maria's figure looks amazing in it and her hair and make up are gorgeous. I'm a bit of a 50/50...
  14. Alessandra. I just don't find her as attractive as the others - her features are all pointy and her eyebrows are so high. But I think I prefer her to Karolina - there is some nose on that girl, bless her soul.
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