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  1. Everyone already gave great suggestions. So I'm going to not rename what other people said. Here are some more Thiago Santos Dominique Hollington Zakaria Khiare Sacha M'Baye Abiah Hostvedt Jenry Bejarano Harry Uzoka Fraser Barke Carl Agapit Korrel Kennedy Will Lemay Dudley O'Shaughnessy Zachary Clark Ty Ogunkoya Victor Ross Henry Watkins Michael Van Meurs Henry Pedro-Wright O'shea Robertson Caesar Stovall Kumi Keazor
  2. So I came across his name on this model site http://www.ullamodels.com/leroyduivenvoorden The pictures there don't really like like the pictures here. Tbh I thought it was a totally different person. But I doubt there are two models with this same name. So maybe he's changed his look?
  3. That's really his girlfriend? They would have beautiful model babies. haha
  4. Backstage at JPG ss12 sources: carolinedaily dot com, gqmagazine dot fr
  5. Another Galliano ss12 picture. btw can anyone find this in hires and in color? source: not original source/miniguns @tumblr
  6. ^^^thanks. & I guess I (or someone) needs to update the thread with his ss12 walks. He was really busy in milan.
  7. ^^^ whoa thank you!! I havent seen some of these shots.
  8. He's everywhere on the runway in Milan!
  9. holy wow david looks better every year.
  10. His first name is Ian according to the mag but I want to know his agency and name if possible. thanks
  11. ^^^ I'm happy he's still working too.
  12. I think I randomly came across his name today. So I'm Id'ing him myself. I think its Leo Bonaventure.
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