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  1. Hello girl! :') <3

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    2. katchitup


      hehe well good thing your back we needed to talk more about cray drunk leo, the walking dead and VSFS lolAnd I'm good thanks, just busy with school, work, etc.

    3. katchitup
    4. 'shine


      We really do! Drunk Leo is the greatest and VSFS, oh man. They're so gorgeous it hurts. Ah, same really - I have to start applying to Universities soon! Nervous to say the least.

  2. Haha, I just realised you're on Tumblr as 'Leonardo-DiCaprio-Land' I think you follow me! Hope you're doing well dear :)

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    2. 'shine


      Hahahahaha, you know I thought it was... I was meant to come and ask you but I can see now it is :') Yup, I'm c-baleing hahaha. Thank you very much dear :3 I'm good thank you. Bored, very bored haha. Glad to hear you're okay! :D <33

    3. French angel

      French angel

      So hapy that you asked this to me :D Happy to have you in tumblr :D Bored ???? :( Ohhh :/ Take care of you <3

    4. French angel

      French angel

      So hapy that you asked this to me :D Happy to have you in tumblr :D Bored ???? :( Ohhh :/ Take care of you <3

  3. I love your signature, three right lovely men! :')

    1. Lkjh


      I was making them for tumblr, but I realized being able to stare at them the whole time I'm on bz would be even better ;)

    2. 'shine


      Hahahaha, defo ;)

  4. Oh hey, I know you lol ;)

    1. 'shine


      Nice to see you finally joined, btw! :3 xox

    2. flyingblind


      sorry i took so long to reply to this lovely! i only just saw these messages D: but thank you ally :33 xx

  5. I'm on my way ;) hahaha! Indeed, I hate buses that's kind of what my motivation is. Oh god, I feel you with that, I'm into books at the moment... I keep buying them and stacking them all 'I'll read them' when I know most of them I won't :') I need to save more hahaha.

    1. FashionDream


      Yeah buses are a drag.. so freaking annoying when it takes like half an hour to get somewhere that takes like 10 minutes by car lol

      Gosh I need to learn from you and develop some of your habits haha. With books you can atleast learn from them and improve yourself intellectually hehe

    2. 'shine


      Indeed, it sucks really :( ... hahahaha, you say as I'm reading a saucy book ;) I agree though, they always make me feel all intelligent with their big words LOL :P

    3. FashionDream
  6. Happy Birthday! <33

    1. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      thanks Shiny Shine! ♥♥ :*

  7. Oh my gosh, TAKE ME WITH YOU TO VEGAS :') hahaha. That's totally awesome! No wonder you're excited! Nope, nothing really. Just day trips planned really. All my money is going on learning to drive and a car this year, so holidays have to halt for a long while ;) xxx

    1. FashionDream


      Sure come along haha

      Good call! Money will be going to great use, having a car is such a great convenience. I really need to start back saving again myself I did in the past so i've got some saved up but i've gotten into this ridiculoussssss habit right now of buying things I don't need. At the moment its shoes and hair products lol

  8. Good good! I am glad you're well :D ... Aw, yes. It takes a bit of getting used too, haha! I'm sure we'll get there in the end :') xoxo

  9. Hey Sick, my dear! :3 How are you? I hope you're well ♥ xoxo

  10. Hey Amandine, hope you're settling in well :) xoxo

    1. French angel

      French angel

      Hey 'Shine :D How are you ? I'm fine and I can't wait for Gatsby Trailer ^^ xoxo

    2. 'shine


      Aw, glad to hear you're okay! I'm good I suppose, bit busy lately but good all the same. Aw, me either! It's going to be so good :'D so excited! xoxo

  11. Love your page! Very... Leo-y haha! Hope you're well xox

  12. Hi there, Kat! I love your page :3 Hope you're okay xoxo

  13. Aw, I'm glad you're okay. :) Good to hear from you! I'm okay, thank you for asking sweet! xoxox

  14. Hey, I know you won't reply to this but I haven't seen you around in a while... I hope you're okay! xox

  15. :D Thank you very much! 5 stars for just being the lovely you <3 xoxo

  16. Hahaha, I know I know :( I feel so bad about not posting, I try my best :P I'm always checking in on my phone though! xoxo

  17. Hahaha! I did ;) ... It's always good having nothing to do ;D Glad you're alright, despite being tired :3 xoxo

  18. Hahaha, 'Shiny Shine' I like it ;D I'm good thank you, a little bit stressed - but good! :3 yourself? xoxo

  19. Aw, thank you! Happy Easter to you too, my dear :) xoxox

  20. Helloo, fash! :) haven't messaged you in a while! Hope you're alright hun, lots of love xoxox

  21. Thank you, sugar! :) xoxo

  22. Aw, I know right? I'm a bit busy lately! It's why I've been a bit silent, hahaha. Thank you - it's my favourite inspirational saying :) It's cute! Hugs and love xoxox

  23. Hiya hun! I'm good thank you very much for asking! Yourself? :) xoxo

  24. Aaaw, thank you ;D xoxox

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