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  1. yeah, just drink water the whole day :| i started out with a huge 1 litre mineral water bottle to help gauge. :confused: yeah, i feel dizzy after cuz i have no food in my body and am weak cuz i'm giddy

  2. yeah i did water cleanse and therapy for one day, not more than that. a couple of months ago i told my friends and they all got mad at me and did not speak to me for a day :blink:

    guava juice? apple juice?

  3. thank a lot :p I drink green tea every morning, I think it too is meant for weight loss and pther healthy things ... :p And I probably wouldn't find any brennesel tea anywhere here :laugh:

    you model, and your mother needs to loose weight? :p but that happens to everybody at some point of life :) and mine is going to come very quickly since I'm a eataholic :| thank god I don't gain as much weight as I eat :laugh:

    But I still didn't quietly understand the digestive cleanse...how do you do it? Because it sounds good and I have some problems with my digestive organs :blush: I often get "costive" ( is that how you say it?), and this seems to clean the intestines completely, right? :unsure:


    azgil do you have the recipe for the one day cleansings? because I started searching on internet and I couldn't find cleasings with less than 9 days :|

    1 day pure water cleanse / water therapy

    1 day juice cleanse


  4. his child is going to be a genius :woot: or at least a half-genius :p

    Oh Oh ~ Jolin Tasi

    HAHA! He should Qontinue talQing to his unborn child! Lol, who knows, the kid might pop out dancing or doin' somethin' talented! :p

    Mister by Kara

  5. I had to google this one :blush:

    Dr Horrible - "Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way"

    Oh dear, can't you see? It's them, it's not me.

    We're not enemies, we just disagree.

    Franz Ferdinand!?

  6. I lost 3kgs, 5 more to go. I run very often, do pilates and go to gym and it really started to pay off. :unsure:

    That is possible .. wrestlers do that kind of stuff a lot..

    I did a body cleanse which means also the digestion and lost 15 lbs in 3 days.

    What how? :unsure:

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