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  1. ^ :p

    Okay, There are tons of funny stories in my life.

    This is the funnest one that cracks all my friends up.

    One day, at about 11pm - 12am, I was lying in bed and about to sleep,

    I received a call, it was a stupid interview.

    Interviewer: Hi, this is Hong Kong Reptile Association, would you mind answering a few questions? It won't take long.

    Me: Yes, I'm sorry.

    Interviewer: Please, miss!

    Me: No, sorry, I'm about to sleep.

    Interviewer: Then why did you answer my call?

    Me: Your call just woke me up!!!!

    Interviewer: I'm sorry miss, not my call woke you up, you just woke up by your cell phone because it rang.

    Me: What? You called me that's why my phone rang!!!

    Interviewer: okok, whatever... Just answer a few questions then I'll let you go.

    Me: Sorry, I have to go now, BYE! ( [email protected]$(*@!%^)


  2. Daul Kim IMed With a Friend About a Physically Abusive Boyfriend Hours Before Her Death

    11/24/09 at 4:20 PM Comment 11Comment 11Comments

    Daul in a September 2009 Japanese Vogue editorial.

    The Daily Beast reports that Daul Kim, who was found dead in her Paris apartment last week in an apparent suicide, instant-messaged with a close friend on the morning of Thursday, November 19, just hours before her death.

    She was depressed, she wrote, according to a transcript of the chat seen by The Daily Beast. She and her boyfriend had just had another brutal physical fight. She’d punched him in the face; he’d yanked her hair. But she was afraid to leave him, afraid to suffer the agony of being apart. The last time they separated, she hadn’t been able to eat, dropping from 112 to 99 lbs. Her friend begged her to leave town, book a job, call her mother. No, she said. She’d miss her dog. She ended the conversation abruptly, saying she was going off to clean the house.

    Hours later, her body was discovered by her boyfriend. This week, Kim's family closed her blog to the public and questioned whether her death was really a suicide. Concerns have been raised over how quickly French authorities came to this hypothesis.

    Some are speculating about the effect her Korean background may have had on her emotional well-being. The Daily Beast continues:

    “Daul was the face of Korea on a worldwide scale, and when someone represents Korea on that level, there is pressure,” says Joy Yoon, Kim’s friend and a fellow Korean. “Though Daul had an extremely bright future ahead of her, I don’t think she could cut loose from her background and the pressures of it. The loneliness she must have felt must have been suffocating. Did her agencies really have her best interests at heart? I know she wanted stability and somewhat of a normal life and even complained about it. Isn’t that a sign? A cry for help?”

    The model is said to have left a suicide note.

    Read more: Daul Kim IMed With a Friend About a Physically Abusive Boyfriend Hours Before Her Death -- The Cut

    ..that breaks my heart

    Daul Kim Said to Have Left a Suicide Note

    11/24/09 at 11:10 AM Comment 10Comment 10Comments

    Backstage at Erin Wasson's spring 2010 RVCA show.Photo: Imaxtree

    Last week, 20-year-old model Daul Kim was found hanged in her Paris apartment. Police have said they believe she committed suicide, and new details in the case emerge each day. Paris Match reports that authorities working on the case say Kim left a suicide note. French gossip publication Le Parisien reports that Kim's father doesn't believe the model killed herself. An autopsy will be performed today, as is standard procedure for these types of deaths. Those results could be known by the end of this week. Kim's blog, which was viewable to the public last week, remains blocked from public view.

    Read more: Daul Kim Said to Have Left a Suicide Note -- The Cut

    read more? What was the suicide note about?

  3. did you read the news i posted in the prev pg?

    Also I've lost a person very dear to me by suicide, I've even received a suicide note, and never I would judge my dear friend for what he did. I hope he and Daul are in a better place now

    I'm so sorry to hear that Reeyo :( And I agree, we don't have the right to judge. We don't know how her life was and why she made this decision. I just always can't believe it when someone wants to end his life like this. :/

    And after all- there were many signs, her last interview for example showed how lonely and unhappy she was, and how honestly she talked about it.

    I really hope that she is happier now, no matter where she is.

    Reeyo :( i know how you must feel. I also lost someone to suicide in june and i am still not over it, i cannot believe that he is gone. i cried almost everyday for 2 months and concealed the pain. But the fact that he is no more on this earth is so unbelievable. i really hope and pray that daul and all our loved ones are in a happier place now, where they seek the ideal.

    that is beautiful Qandid piQ. (Y)

  4. The company of late top model Daul Kim speaks up officially about her death.

    Kim SoYeon, representative of Esteem Model, said on 24th November, “Kim Daul has hung herself at her home in France Paris on 19th November.”

    “Her body was found at local time 9.30am on 19th November, we cannot confirm the time of death. A memorial will be held for her on 23rd November by family and friends.”

    And about the reasons for Daul Kim’s suicide, the representative said, “This girl has started out modelling at a very young age, and she felt the intense anxiety and uneasiness about the rest of her life. In addition, she was not able to live the normal life like any girls at her age. We suspect that she had felt confused and lost, after experiencing the difference in anticipation before and after she has reached the top of her career.”

    “The reason why we did not come out to announce her death officially is that we do not want to further cause hurt to her soul.”


  5. Eating Disorders are bad. I don't know why, but I still want to return to it. But for the moment. I don't use much food and I don't gain. The point, which I have in my mind is, you'll become fat and I'm afraid of it. But I'm managing to live with it ...

    But one thing is this normaly, for example I drink one litre of water but 500ml. stay in me and I gain :ninja: I'm totally unsure, if this is normal. But if it would be all the people would getting fatter day for day :whistle: Is something wrong with me ?

    i bet it becomes scary when your stomach starts making lightning, acidic noises. :ninja:

  6. yes, 2 times isn't so bad.

    i just need to learn to eat and drink normally. be in the good middle... don't eat 3 or 4 times per day, vomit all my meals and drink 3 or 5L of water or totally stop to eat and "forget" to drink water :whistle:

    by the way this is not so easy. one time i stopped for a month, at first i didn't eat a lot and after i ate 2 times per day.

    bulimia is sometimes who tale all yoyur energy so when i stopped i wasn't able to sleep. i think i slept maybe 15 - 20 hours in the months but in the end my brain was marmelade.

    and i didn't slept in my bed, i slept 1 hour when i was in my bath, i slept 40 minutes when i was with friends and we watched tv on the sofa, i even slept (maybe 15/20 minutes) in the nightclub during the chippendales' show XD

    since i'm baby i have eating disorder and i'm insomniac. it was a calamity for my parents. the night they were obligated to put me under a cold shower to calm me.

    i started to slept normaly at 7 years old when they allowed me to sleep with my dogs and cats.

    the first months of my life i was anorexiac, i lost weight. (that's why my parents distroyed all the pictures of my first months. i was skinny and when i'm born my skin was grey/green/blue XD they said i was so ugly that they didn't keep the pictures XD) and after between 8 years old and 12 years old i was fat. at 11 years old i near of 80kg"

    at 12 years old i lost 25kg in 6 months... because of my menstruations i think because i have an hornomal problem.

    and because of my ex obesity at 18 years old i make " plastic surgery. my breasts fallen so...it wasn't beautiful at all.

    i think there is a link between my weigh and my insomnia.

    and when i don't feel fine or i'm not hungry at all or i need to vomit... so i'm scared for the futur...

    you had plastic surgery? :blink:

  7. Thank you so much, azure

    seeing all these pics kinda "warmed my heart" (don't know if you can say it like that in English)

    It's "melt my heart" ;)

    @Azure: Do you thinQ that maybe her friend, Danny (the tranny) found her? :( :( :(

  8. :cry:

    the funny thing is, i understand where she's comin' from.

    it is also funny how people say that suicide is not the answer.

    but they don't realize that sometimes, it could be the only option.

    there are people who feel like this everyday.

    That already made me think about "The sorrows of young Werther", when Werther and that other guy, talking about killing yourself... you know, the part where Werther said no one can call a suicider a stupid person etc. because evryone has different borders of pain? Idk if it translates this way.

    Yes, i understand what you mean ;) The message Qomes aQross.


  9. What? She's just... :shock:

    It's such a heartbreaking news :cry2:

    why why why? :(

    What went wrong?

    I believe she was clinically depressed for a long time- now if we look back on her blog and interviews, the warning signs were a bit obvious :(

    in 2007 she posted a pic of herself and a hammer saying that she was tired of being Daul Kim and that she was going to smash her face in and die

    but a couple minutes later she edited it saying she was joking and she was just tired (tired is such a common excuse)

    On another occasion she said that she is a piece of dumb rotting meat and everyone who tries to help her are nice but dont realise they too are bits of rotting meat. She said that she wanted to "burn the rotting meat" but it's family would be upset. I thought it was just rambling so i didnt take it seriously but she was basically saying that she wanted to kill herself but didnt want to upset her family.

    i also remember in her first interview/editorial for i-D she said how she never fit in in Korea or Malaysia and she was quite lonely

    OH DAUL :cry: i wish i could have helped you or given you a hug


    the funny thing is, i understand where she's comin' from.

    it is also funny how people say that suicide is not the answer.

    but they don't realize that sometimes, it could be the only option.

    there are people who feel like this everyday.

    and for her to feel like this and handle the pressure, is very big, for me. her profession, her lifestyle, her routine, everyday.. all magnified to the highest level as compared to a normal person..and she managed to be in control of her life for this long.. it showed that she was strong and resisted such urges earlier..

    i am just so stunned.. :|

  10. WOW...

    I know it's maybe too :cain: to come to a model's thread that you usually don't visit just to comment such a news but...

    :shock: I'm in shock. She was so young! Quite successful... Just read about her death. That's so sad.

    Heather Bratton two years ago (cat accident), Ruslana last year, now Daul...

    My condolences to her family and friends...

    i was going to say the exaQt same thing.

    i am so shaQen.

    this just hurts, man.

    i don't wanna thinQ who's gonna be next.

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