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  1. :wacko:

    It's perfect if someone who is a little too tall to transfer 3 inchs to me...

    to your secret cock or your height? :p just kidding ;)

    Ire, it's not funny


    anyway.. there's this friend of mine who was contemplating on surgery to increase his height. is it even possible? i mean, they do lengthen your bones and all, right? but i bet it's hella painful.. plus, will you be able to run or smth

  2. I was waxing yesterday :p I had a brazilian wax and I waxed my arms...It was the second time that I had a brazilian wax and I'll never do anything other :p I could see that hairs were growing thinner and were more easily removed :p I'll never do anything else, cause it's totally worth it :cain:

    you waxed down there? :blink: YOU!? :nicole: :p :nicole: :rofl::nicole::rofl:

    OUCH :pinch:

  3. I guess you've tried it? Was it good? :laugh:

    My skin is quite dry. I tried Avene Cold Creme (I think this is how it's called like)-it's very "light". Later I had some other cream (not Avene)-I don't remember its name, all I remember is that it was in a peach tube :p but it wasn't as good as Avene, so I bought Avene now :)

    yeah yeah it's good too. esp for sensitive skin

  4. of course they dont know- you think the police or Daul's family would just release it?

    oh. the way it was said in the article hinted that they might have had it or something. just a minor misunderstanding. ;)

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